Sunday, February 28, 2016

Women, who needs 'em?

Life has always been unfair in many ways.  But still better than the alternative! I have heard many times, women are the weaker sex.  (BIG SMILE)

 At my age,  I think of the past often. When I get a ‘can’ of something out of the cabinet, I can see my mama reaching into the pantry to  get a quart of Green beans that she had picked, broken, cooked and canned while still keeping up the housework, sewing clothes, washing, starching, ironing and cooking 3 meals a day.  She also took the phone calls, acted as a secretary and major support for my dad.

There were women, like Susie, my mother in law, who did all the above and worked 40-48 hours in the cotton mill.  I have often thought, “Could a man have done that?”  My answer is, very few!

I don’t know about women's clothes, etc. because I did not pay attention to dresses in the 1940-1950 era, but I do not think the mature ladies had the ‘peer pressure’ of today in ‘styles’ and fashions.

My mama had a few dresses and I would guess 4 pairs of shoes.  I doubt if she cared if Sister Jones wore the same dress to church or shopping every day.  Now here is where, if I were a woman the stress would come in.Thinking like a man, I could wear the same dress (if I were  woman) to work several days, until it was dirty, then change. Peer pressure (society) does not allow a lady that option.

It seems to me in today's world the lady is still carrying the heaviest load, to be the weaker sex  :-o . And today, someone may notice if the lady in the office had worn an outfit already this week. I am appalled at our standards today. If Hillary, Fiora, or any lady politician were to wear the same dress to two functions some 'Fashion Police' would point it out.  Bernie, Marco Polo ;-), Cruz or any male politician could wear the same suit for weeks and no one would give it a flip. That ain't fair.

And heaven forbid if the shoes do not match the purse or dress. To a man, THAT IS CRAZY.

I remember awhile back Kate Middleton wore the same dress at two functions a week apart and some Fashion Police, ripped her to threads.

I ask myself, are these ladies supposed to have throw away clothes and not wear them twice? As a man that confuses the heck out of me.

Anyway, with all the other pressures on the ladies, why add the stress to please the 'fashion Police'?  Maybe I am over reacting, but I think it is prevalent in most all office settings.

Who needs Women?  The world and WE men, that's who!

Okay I vented, I feel better.
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PS: Sherry and I have always tried to work together, but she has OFTEN  took the brunt of the load.  Since I am older and wiser, I try to help as much as possible, trying to pay her back.

PS2: I trust these ladies, I am going to allow Dr. Tucci to cut into my head, then drill into my skull and insert 4 wires in my head. (AGAIN), I TRUST THAT WOMAN!


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betty said...

I do think women can multitask better than men, especially with getting things done around the house :) But we need of course men to help balance out our lives :)

I heard a report a few years back where an anchorman on the nightly news wore the same suit every day he worked for a whole year. His female co-host of course wore something different everyone of those days. No one noticed he had worn the same suit. They would have commented if she was in the same outfit though. I always did wonder about women on the news; they seem to never be seen in the same outfit or very rarely and far between wearings. They must either have a good clothing allowance or shop in consignment stores a lot.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have to speak up here! Where would we be with out women? no where, is my answer. Ha ! There is definitely more to most of us than worrying about what we wear. I know you love yours and she is a good one!

Mevely317 said...

I don't know if I've ever tasted any home-canned veggies! (Ya, that's pathetic.) Certainly, your mom and Susie were made of sterner stuff.

Sure, there was a time I'd fret if my shoes didn't match my bag. Ha! These days, my M-F wardrobe consists of 3 pair of slacks, two dresses and two pair of shoes.... most of which came from resale shops. As long as they're clean and pressed, who am I out to impress, anyway?

Lisa said...

I believe they respected each other more back then and knew they were all trying to make ends meet (sorta like the blue collar men today). There also seemed to be only two kinds of women. Rich and Poor and they never really crossed paths. But I could be wrong.
Now days a woman actually dresses for other women to see and not a man anyway. I'm the only woman in my work place. I could wear the same thing every day and the guys would never notice. I'm also the busiest and strongest. [wink]. What in the world would they do without me here?

With holes in my jeans

Shirl Wrap said...

Mother was always dressed nice. She wore black or navy dresses with white lace collars. She look good and was neat. She always wanted a purse and gloves. Jack remember when mother was going to the hospital and she wanted
her purse I ask Jack do you have Mothers purse and you said Yes and away
we went to Hospital. We ladies love our purse it has things we need.

jack69 said...

another comment from Rick...
Dang Capsha:(

The comment:
I think the key is voting. Anyone who doesn't vote has no right to complain:)

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Paula said...

Wonder how many women still know how to cook starch. I think I could but I'm glad I don't feel like I have to iron pillow cases because my Mama said.

Rick Watson said...

Hey Jack, when Iread the title I thought -- Ol Jack is writing while under anesthesia. But them
N you hit the nail on the head when I saw what you posted.