Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I told you I miss my comb!

In another blog entry I said I had carried a comb for years and one of its major uses was to remove frost from my windshield.  Well one morning recently I went out to the car early. It looked like moisture all over the windshield (I think Rick described it as a car covered in a gauze blanket, the dude is good with descriptive phrases.). Anyway with a towel I started to wipe, and it was ICE not water. That is unusual for Florida. Believe it or not, my right hand automatically went to my right back pocket where I had carried a comb for over 60 years. Then I remembered, ‘YOU NO LONGER CARRY A COMB.”

So, a gallon of warm water solved my problem.

Old habits die hard. For many years after I started driving, the headlight dimmer switch was on the floorboard to the left of the clutch (remember them?). 

Then the engineers relocated it to the steering column. For years afterwards I automatically hunted the dimmer switch with my left foot.

I get my wiper and headlights mixed up to this day. If you remember God created them on the dash, to the left of the steering wheel. Clearly labeled ‘Headlights’ and ‘Wiper’, I never got them confused (unless Sherry was smooching me).

Keys, remember when the key slid into a lock with the ‘jagged (rough)’ edge down? Then someone came in and messed with the divine plan and I had to learn to put the key in ‘upside-down!’ Since the rule was broken keys ain’t even keys no-more. We rented a van that had a usb plug as a key, not even metal. I knew a guy whose finger print locked and unlocked his car. NOTHING IS SACRED.

I joke about it but honestly it is hard for the older mind to fathom or comprehend a life today. As I write this I remember a time as a computer repairman out computer required 1200 sq ft plus an 800 sqft A/C room. Now the simplest of phones can do more than that Burroughs computer, faster.

Life is better in many ways. I sit here and communicate with a man in Hawaii and a childhood friend now in Athens, Greece. At one time a call to Athens would never have been considered. Now it is accepted as common placed.

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PS: With all the advancements, in my mind there is nothing better than water from a wooden bucked drawn from Great Grandpa Hilly’s well out back of the house down in Georgia.


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betty said...

I do remember at times getting ice on the windshields when we lived in San Diego area and a friend in Phoenix mentioned a few weeks ago about ice on her windshield down there, so I guess there is the possibility of cooler temps like that to produce the ice.

Cars these days! So much has changed with technology that it is hard to keep up with where they put what on the dashboard, steering wheel, etc. Hubby's car is connected with his cell phone so if it rings when he is driving, he can just push a button and start talking, hands off the phone, so I guess safer that way :)


Glenda said...

Know what you're talking about ~ every time I "rearrange" around here, it takes forever to find what I'm looking for! What's that phrase "old habits die hard"?
No frost here, but last night was chilly. Yard work waiting, we've had lots of wind and Spanish moss is everywhere! Y'all have a bright, sunny day :)

Paula said...

I read a few days ago to cover your windshield with a towel and in the morning just rip it off towel and frost or ice together. Isn't modern technology great. I just connected yesterday with a nephew's ex-wife whom I only met once or twice and haven't seen in many years

Mevely317 said...

Yes, I remember when the 'dimmer' switch sat near the brake pedal!
The last time we had occasion to rent a car, I must have sat for 10 minutes trying to figure out its bells and whistles. 'Just don't understand folks' fascination with "change for changes sake."

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sad to see it actually got cold enough to frost your window. Hopefully it's warmer today.

Shirl Wrap said...

I'm thankful for my garage where my car stays. No snow or ice to wipe
off but We are having cold weather. Glad to see all the Studebakers brings back memories.