Saturday, February 27, 2016

I smelled wild onions today

We are home in Belmont, awaiting my new ear. I have determined not to be out in the public much, I do not want to catch a cold or the flu. They will not do the operation if I am sick.  So I want to be careful.

I am keeping busy here, picking up fallen limbs and burning them. We have a couple large trees at this house so I had a good job. Then I burned them.  I started cutting grass in the Third Grade, I had to do it often because it was a push reel type mower like this:

Then came the modern ‘Power mower’.  It was a reel type mower with a Briggs-Stratton motor.  When dad was not watching I could ride the sucker by standing with my feet on opposite sides of the motor and lean back over the engine to operate the levers. The mower was going forward and I was facing to the rear. I could not guide it of course, so the rides weren't long, but to a kid it was fun.

When and where I grew up, anything green on the lawn was good. Even some weeds and wild onions. In the spring when anyone was cutting grass in the neighborhood you could smell onions. It wasn’t an objectionable scent at the time, it just meant someone was cutting grass.

You see that was before the manicured lawns, before the lawn services, and long before the average citizen could afford a lawn service.

So I have never went out of my way to ‘kill’ the ‘dandy-lions’ and wild onions in our yards.  I have pulled some of them, but we would never have won ‘Yard Of The Month’.
                                                                (Our lawn today)

Today I smelled onions, there was very little grass, too early for that.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Seems like you got a breath of spring there. Nothing is growing here. We have snow on the ground, but it is melting and we are to be once again in the 40's today. February is almost over and March usually brings us more snow but also more days of warmer temps too. Won't be long till even those of us in Ohio will have wild onions!

Lisa said...

I love the smell of wild onions after someone mows the lawn. As a matter of fact, I have an onion garden covering my whole yard now. Ha.

Take it easy neighbor!

betty said...

That would be a scent I don't think I have ever smelled with the onions after a field or lawn was mowed. It would probably make me hungry :)

Wise idea to not be around crowds where you could pick up germs and to lay low until the second surgery is completed.


Shirl Wrap said...

I agree stay out of crowds until you have the surgery. People are sneezing
and spreading germs. I also picked up limbs that wind was strong.. I watch
the trees on the hill sway but none fell...Glad winds calm down.

Jackie said...

Praying that you stay well, my friend.
Hugs to you from South Georgia,

Mevely317 said...

I don't think I've (knowingly) experienced the smell of wild onions before!

Your youthful ingenuity -- "riding" the lawn mower -- cracked me up! It's sort of a shame, today's kids seem to lack the imagination of yesteryear.

Stay strong and germ-free, m'friend. It's a petrie dish out there!

Paula said...

Funny about you riding the lawnmower. We used to have one that looks a lot like the one you show here. It was self propelled and it was so hard to hold it back, it had a mind of it's own.

Glenda said...

There is a lot of discussion concerning allergies right now, at least here in Chobee. Lot of nasty colds etc. Stay well, so you can hear Mom sing again, will send U a video taken last visit :)

Glenda said...

p.s. also love the smell of wild onions and the sight of morel mushrooms!

bonney knox said...

I'm very familiar with the wild onion smell. I'm growing a pretty good crop in my yard right now. When I mow the first time, I will probably not be able to stand the smell of my sneakers when I'm done.
I remember as a youngster hating the taste of spring milk when the cows began eating the wild onions.
Stay well.

Sheila Y said...

I hope you stay well. We had some wild onions here when we moved in. I pulled one and brought it in the house and cleaned it. But it was so strong, after a little while, I wrapped it in a little aluminum foil and threw it away. Ha. Take care, Sheila