Monday, September 5, 2016

A Mystery on US-98 near Dade City. FL

Paula down south of San Antonio often puts ‘Mysteries’ on her blogs from the country roads she and John travel. They are always interesting. 
Now it is my time. This is what I saw from the road:

 The entrance said someone loved this place and wanted it protected.  It  looked deserted.
 I apologize for the blurred gate, but it is the only one I have of it.
 These two I could see also, they looked intriguing. 

After we passed I said I will stop on the way back that looks strange. It was over run up with trees weeds and undergrowth but you could tell something interesting was being eaten up by lack of care and age.

 On the way back by I stopped in the drive at the closed gate. I could tell it had not swung in years.
just behind the gate was this: Pagoda (?)

Figurines of strange birds and animals, inside was a sitting figure. I had the idea it was a shrine maybe to a father or grandfather. I have no idea. This doesn't look as abandoned as the surrounding area.
Below is the house you see in the distance:

This pig stood apart to the right.
To my left I saw another Pagoda. I moved the car to another driveway, no gate here, lots of color in the back ground.

I was a little reluctant to walk up but no warnings or stay out signs. I had to see the color in th background. I passed the unique structure:

The man is standing in this structure which appears to be constructed of all concrete like the other one. Very unique with the shapes and curves. But What is the color? I had to trespass further into the property, but I could not help myself. I seemed drawn. (All this time Sherry is back in the car talking to Evelyn on the phone and describing it to her. They were talking when I stopped and when I left!)
So this is what I could see in the weeds.
That dude is a giant colorful dragon, must be about 100' long. The green you see on the left side is the tail but not the end. I believe this is concrete also. The colors are not faded.

I did learn it is in the town of Kathleen, population 2,000. I tried to research it and all I could find was this:

Now you know there must be a story behind this place.  It is miles to the small town of Dade City and not close to an actual city.  If you  know please let me know.
 Looking further I saw this, what other mysteries are here in the weeds and wild growth?

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Very interesting discoveries and they'd make me wonder too. We have quite a few abandoned properties around here. Sad thing as many of them lost their homes due to the lack of work and needed to move, but no one would buy so they just left.

Lisa said...

Wow! Now thats something to write home about. How mysterious this place is. Great find Jack. I just know you will go back to get more views. Ha. Looks like you may have found China.

Keep wondering

betty said...

I would have been drawn to explore that area too. Looks so fascinating. The stories it could tell if it could talk. A great adventure indeed you found!


Jean said...

This place is creepy I wonder if it's haunted. Nice day here in Opp a good day to put up my other fence. Take care, Jean.


Fascinating. A story is there somewhere.

Mevely317 said...

How I'd love to see the inside of that gabled home!
Sorry, but the 'pagodas' struck me as way creepy ... I'd be leery of snakes in the tall grass.

I agree, there's a story there, just waiting to be told!

Mary Degli Esposti said...

Some stories are best left untold. The visuals may be pleasing, but the backstory not so.