Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Love, The complicated emotion

(I saved this quote from somewhere)

The one who loves you will never leave you because, even if  there are 100 reasons to GIVE UP, he or she will find ONE reason to hold on.

I don’t mean to belabor a subject, but as I look back over the years love and marriage seems to have been misunderstood. I remember very well knowing only one friend whose parents separated and divorced. It was traumatic for him.  Even in my youth I knew that movie stars ‘out in Hollywood’ saw divorce as common place, but it was not ‘common’ in the mill towns I lived in.
There have been many marriages that lasted ‘only for the sake of the children’, I have always thought that was sad.

(This picture was taken about 60 years ago)
This picture was ten years ago
Marriage is misunderstood because it is NOT perfect always. It takes a determination and remembering how you felt the day of the marriage, ‘This is forever’. Marriage only works when BOTH parties are willing to remember that feeling, even at different times.

Sherry’s parents and mine were married until ‘death’ separated them.

I was the baby of our family. My growing years were what I would consider picture perfect (except for the moving). My mama actually read or told us a story most nights at bed time. Daddy seemed to enjoy taking us for family car rides.  Mama knew how to comfort a kid.

On hot days in the summer nothing was more fun than for her to sit in a chair in the yard and let us run thru the water from her garden hose. At times she would catch us fully dressed, that was half the fun, having all your clothes wet too.
(Picture from the net, but I think that is Shirl nekkid!)
Of course at our house we knelt by our beds to say our prayers.  Once Shirl kept correcting me (we shared a room most of our youth), I called out to mama,”If she doesn’t quit telling me what to say I am going to knock her down.”  (I have always had a good Christian attitude!)

I will write more later, but his month (Sept 22nd) we will have been married sixty years. Sherry has given us two wonderful sons.  They haven’t always been wonderful, believe me, but they have always been ours. In those 60 years each of us could have found reason to LEAVE, but one of us has always found that “one reason to hold on!”  For which I am thankful.

When one of the boys stepped way out of bounds one of us would say, “YOUR SON blew it.”  Today, after too many mistakes, they are still OURS, and we are together.  Concerning my girl, I will always ADD, She was the prettiest girl I ever knew, and SHE STILL IS!

Nite Shipslog

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     We dated and smooched in this car. One night after dropping off our dates, Tucker and I were in this convertible when we wrecked and rolled it over and back on its wheels.  Neither one of us was hurt but we were glad the girls were home safe.


Lisa said...

Marriage takes work but kind and willing work. My husband and I both came from a "both parent " home. We believe in keeping it together and wouldnt have it any other way. We are too good of friends to ever break up. You and Sherry are a true example of love and marriage. It saddens me today how most marriages is taken for granted.

60 is a big deal!

Jackie Darnell said...

That is NOT Shirl nekkid. Haha

Rick Watson said...

I don't think getting a divorce was ever am option for us even if she did at times want to carve up my body with a sharp butcher knife and put my remains in a garbage can.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There are not many that have had as many years together as the two of you. You both did what it took to keep it together and that is what it takes. Both giving and taking and it's not easy but it works.

betty said...

Early in our marriage we made the pledge "divorce is not an option" so we worked out things the best we could. There were lots of bad times where we hated each other but a lot of good times when we loved each other. Nowadays, marriages and relationships can be almost thrown away. Gets too complicated trying to figure it all out sometimes with which kid belongs to who in relationships, then they end up having a kid of their own, and make a bigger mess to sort out. God's intent was one man married to one woman until death does them part. People need to remember that and their vows they spoke on their wedding day when times get tough and also to remember that when they made that covenant of marriage that God was the third party there as part of it. You and Sherry have done great remembering those vows and being committed to each other!


Chatty Crone said...

Congrats to you both - that is wonderful - 60 years. I think that is a good idea to find one reason to stay!

Mary Degli Esposti said...

Leaving is easier in many cases, & in some that isn't such a bad thing. My parents were born in the 20s & during that time many people stayed together NO Matter What. Our neighbor wasn't allowed to receive communion in church because she divorced her abusive husband. Leaving can be a damn good thing, even if the church didn't think so...
That said, HAPPY HAPPY 60TH! The trip may have been hard but it is pretty apparent this particular one was worth it.

Jackie said...

Congratulations to you both on your upcoming anniversary. It takes love and work to be together as many years as you two have. I am so happy for you both.
Daddy and Mama will celebrate their 69th anniversary in December. They married when Mama was 16. She will be 85 day after tomorrow. My Daddy is 90, and still mows their pecan orchard with the tractor.
They got married right after Daddy got out of the Navy after WWII. They are still independent and very much in love.
Love from South Georgia.

shirl72 said...

I began to like clothes as I grew older. We were married almost 50 years until death took Jim. I have wonderful memories of a happy marriage a very good life.

Dar said...

It doesn't surprise me one bit that you two have made it work this long for you are just like Mom and Dad who would have celebrated their 60th the year he went to heaven. Your undying love has been just as much an inspiration as they were, for us. Thanks for that and Happy 60th in a couple weeks.
So good to read your posts again.
Continue to embrace life. loveya, dar

Mevely317 said...

I love reading everyone's comments here!
'Have to say, I strongly suspect my son and his wife take after you. :)
Sadly, the term "commitment" didn't hold much weight in my younger years. Nevertheless, I'm/we're trying to make up for our past mistakes and cherish each day we've been given together.

Y'all are darn photogenic!