Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Have your beliefs and morals changed over the years.

Have your beliefs and morals changed over the years. 
This evening I enjoyed reading the comments on yesterday’s entry. I am not naïve enough to believe every marriage is made in heaven, nor  once you marry, you should stick with it come hell or high water.  I have a friend who was unhappy in a marriage and her attitude was, I made my bed I will lie in it.  I don’t always agree with that. But she is a sweetie anyway and stuck it out.

Some of the bloggers may remember FrankandMary of ‘Rejected Truth’ then ‘Stalled at Twelve’ then she went silent for a few years. Mary has commented here again in the last few blogs, she has always been a voice from a different angle. Of course she wrote above my head, but that is not so hard, most folk do.

Her comments always seem to make me think. She made some good points on religion and I did smile on the 'Mystery Chinese style'. She said, ‘Maybe some stories should remain hid’. There is a lot of truth there.

(The church dad pastored when I met Sherry, we lived in the house to the left)

So tonight I was thinking about religion.  I was raised in the parsonage of a very fundamental, strict church. To be honest I never thought my dad was terribly strict on me, but the church teachings were. I always pictured the Church of God as the ‘Church of the DONOT’. Do NOT: Cuss, drink, smoke, go to the show or walk around half nekked. Girls don’t cut your hair, wear jewelry or pants and heaven forbids you wear makeup. No shorts or bathing suits!

You would think in a strict denomination there would be no fun, but there was. Kids had a great time playing.

 Driving down from Iowa into Missouri once, on Sunday afternoon, we passed an Amish Farm. The kids dressed as the Amish do, were having a ball, running and playing after church. The adults were in the shade watching and talking. I commented to Sherry as our motorhome rolled by, “Those kids are having a ball, and none of them has an ipad.”

Being strict does not eliminate comradery nor outright ‘roll in the grass and laugh yourself silly’ fun. BUT in many ways it separates you from the main stream world. (That can be both good and bad)

Truthfully I wished a million times dad had been a Baptist or Methodist preacher.  That said, I have never met a better man or woman morally and spiritually, than my parents.

I have changed in so many ways (so has the church I was brought up in). Have you changed?  Is your life different than your parents? More liberal, more conservative?

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Lisa said...

I grew up in a Baptist Church and Still attend the same church every Sunday with my Dad and Mom. Nick attends a Presbyterian church that he grew up in.
My Dad and Mom were strict on me growing up. Until I got married, I had a 10:00 curfew, I couldn't wear short shorts, and my belly button could never be seen. This made me rebellious. I thought a lot of it to be silly and didn't hang those rules over my daughters head (though at times I wish I had of). My Parents were a little more easy on my younger Sister. Today in time, they just could care less on how I live as long as I stay focused on God and family.

I bet you were a little misfit.

betty said...

I was more liberal in my early adulthood years. Things I tolerated then I wouldn't now. My faith has grown strong as I've matured. I always believed but not to the depth I believe now. I'll have to go back and read your comments. It was always interesting what Mary would write or leave for comments. I was just thinking about her the other day, LOL :)


Dar said...

I have become my mother, as I ponder. I find myself being as open-minded as she has always been, giving everyone a chance to grow out of mistakes. Most folks, as adults, do seem to cherish the ' right way ' of doing and thinking.
To me, the right way has not changed, but the road there has. I hope I'm a good example to my grandloves. Their parents seem to have done ok, so we must have done something right. My pride in my children is showing. Parenting was never perfect, or not as right as it should have been. I used to be very judgmental, the naive' in my youth ...shame on me. It was never God pleasing as I'd like to be more of now that I'm ' growed up.' It's taken me 66 yrs to admit God has been disappointed in me over and over. I thank HIM for keeping me in his sights and giving me a chance. :)

Mevely317 said...

I always enjoy the perspective of a 'preacher's kid", Jack!

Even while on vacation, I can't remember my parents' ever missing a Sunday service. To be honest - probably because the liturgy was so ingrained - I spoke by rote and listened not. I don't think my parents weren't particularly strict ... but the Lutheran church hadn't (hasn't?) the restrictions you speak of. I'll never forget, following my dad's funeral service, Uncle Edric asking his older brother (the pastor) if he'd prepare a round of drinks. My former MIL was aghast, that a "man of the cloth" was partaking in alcohol. LOL. Those Lutheran's sure enjoyed their canapras!

Sad, but it wasn't until I'd lost several loved ones (no more 'second chances') - that I re-discovered church, and learned to listen. One of the coolest things I heard come of out of the (female) minister's mouth: "I don't care if you're Baptist, Buddist or if you worship goats. Go where your soul is fed."
Sorry for the long ramble!

Paula said...

Just saying "HI" to you and Sherry. Not online much these days. I'm home for a few days and go back for blood work tomorrow to see if the chemo helped the MDS and if I have to stay with my daughter another week and take another round. You sure can be knocked for a loop in a hurry. Hope you and Sherry are well.

Rick Watson said...

My folks were strict, but not church strict. My mom went to church later in life but she understood what ap was right and wrong and made sure we understood.
I don't remember my dad ever going into a church except to funerals, but he was one of the kindest people I have ever known.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like Merely's comment about going where your soul is fed...I think that the reason we have so many different churches is because God wants to give everyone a chance. I attended several different churches in my youth until I discovered the one I've gone to now for over 50 years. As far as beliefs and morals..they really haven't changed much, even with the difference in churches. I'm thinking they all teach this lesson...we're to love God and love our neighbor and that is what I try to live by.