Friday, September 30, 2016

Good day, I love it.

Yesterday, I was close to calling a wrecker. I have only been stuck once in the motor home and had to call a wrecker that was in Tennessee.  This time the front wheels were stuck to the axles, but we dug 'er out. I am sure if it had been the drive axle I could not have done it.  I was sweaty and dirty, my girl cleaned up my mess at the driver's seat and covered the floor and seat as I went in and out.

Okay, correction, the Neighbor's name is Leif, not Leaf. Imma not thinking well, LOL.

Sherry cleaned windows today.  Helped me keep straight as I did get power to the motor home, now we have A/C and a permanent outlet installed.

Gas water heater is vented and plumbed for gas, so we will soon have hot water.

I guess it is a good thing I am not in the contracting business any longer. Every stinking job has taken twice the time I figured.  I keep asking myself, is it really the age thing? Heck I am only 77.

Son Mark gave us a new stainless double sink to replace the single bowl stainless that was here. No problem, I will hank the sink out in a minute and cut for the new one. HA, HA on me.  The sink was not clamped in as the standard sink, but glued to the Formica top.  It took two hours to remove it without ruining the cabinet top. About half way thru, I was thinking of replacing the counter top. LOL.

(Just a feel good picture)

Supply people are feeling the pinch, and are not including some parts that was once normal. I had the new sink ready to install and noticed a note: “Tail pieces not included", so I installed the sink, and will add the drain and dishwasher waste water tomorrow.  The folks will probably know me soon, like the stores back home know my sister Shirl.

One final note, the tile is good on our new bath room, but the enamel glaze is gone, on the tub.  Have any readers ever had a tube re-glazed?  I am thinking of that route. My grandson Benjamin could do it but he is Utah.(OUCH)

This was a 12 hour day, I loved it.  Much better than yesterday.

Nite Shipslog

I love this picture of the 1953 Buick awaiting the steam engine.


betty said...

Good way to get yourself acclimated to your new "digs" by frequenting the local stores (and often :) A sense of community you might be able to establish. Glad it was a good day!


Paula said...

Bet it will look nice when you finish.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

They say that nothing worth having comes easy and it's sounding like that is true in your situation. Even with the setbacks you are saying you had a good day and that's a good thing! Keep in mind that Slow but sure gets the job done...and Rome wasn't built in a day. Take care and enjoy !

Lisa said...

Glad to hear yall are having fun. Ha. You will have that home in top shape by November I believe.
Thanks for the smiles each morning.

From Sunny and cool Gtown

Mevely317 said...

Tom and I both enjoyed reading this last night. :)

Your enthusiasm is so refreshing; we're delighted to watch the transformation from the (cyber) sidelines.

PS - My dad had a cousin named Leif, but I didn't make the connection yesterday. I just presumed neighbor Leaf was the product of the Woodstock generation. Ha!

shirl72 said...

Glad it is you not me...I think I have done my share of fixing, repairing,
and up-dating everything I think our family has experience every type situation. That is what makes life enjoyable and Life is good.

Mary Degli Esposti said...

77...things that make you go hmmmmmm.
I'm 51 & a 9 hour day Wipes me out. At 40 years old, 18 hrs(sometimes) was fine with me.
You are in great physical shape, & I suspect even greater mind-shape.

Woody said...

I admire you Jack, You are Tough or as my Father would say, "Tough as Nails". I find myself mad at myself when doing things and taking longer than I expected then my Honey says, "You do pretty good for being almost 70 years old" !!
Take it easy, you don't have to get it all done in "One Day" !

Thinking of you 2 and your adventure !!
Gary an Anna Mae !

Glenda said...

You two are in the throes of real challenges --- sounds like it will all come together soon --- "Rome wasn't built in a day." Loved that wonderful photo!!!

Dar said...

I see you also had a day of hard work, but rewarding in the end. It's that kind of ache that makes a body 'hurts so good.' Well done, my friends.
It's nice being a part of it all, through cyberspace. PHEW, Tired, I made jellies all day and Bill seeded the field and put equipment away til spring. Two things that make for another good day's work.
Love you guys, get some sleep