Thursday, September 29, 2016

We are home!

However remember the adage, "The best laid plans of mice and men"?  Well we landed in the rain.. But it was showers, so my first plan was to rip up a fence and open the left side of the house for the coach.  The RIP up turned into a 'dig up'. The previous owners must have had digging dogs because the fence chain link fence was buried one foot into the ground. Can you imagine the roots that had inter-twined thru the chain-links. BUNCHES!

I gave up trying to pull the posts so I cut them 8" below the ground.  Then it was cutting limbs to make room. I knew I would have to back up and pull up a couple times to line the coach up, BUT I FORGOT, THIS IS SAND NOT NC RED DIRT. I buried the front wheels in the sand and got stuck. Fortunately I had brought a couple shovels, BUT I made the mistake of lifting the coach with the front jack and buried the jack.  It went so deep I had to crawl under the coach and remove the jack, not a fun job.
 Autumn at Kings Mountain state park

The nice thing was at least 6 neighbors showed up to help, there wasn't much they could do, but it was a great feeling to have all these young folk offer to help. Giselle from across the street, brought cold water over along with her husband 'Leaf'.  Then in the middle of the neighbors coming over my batteries died and I could not hear. LOL

Anyway, after much work and it was nearly dark, we got the coach on the opposite side of the house. While I was cutting limbs and trees, my girl got the FIT unpacked. She even lifted the heavy oak end tables out. I did ‘scold her for that’, really hoping she did not hurt her Knee in the process.

WE do not have enough power for A/C in the coach but we will remedy that in the morrow.  My girl and I got the mattress and box springs out.  We went by Taco Bell then to Lowes to get some gas plumbing and electrical supplies to start early.
We will also go and pick out the interior colors and get the paint along with some good rollers.

Not a great start, but hey, it is the beginning, I love it.  And a side nice thought, the internet is MANY times faster than last night.  LOL 
We are beat..

Nite Shipslog
(I HEARD  Friend Evelyn was a teen-ager when this 1925 Ford discovered America That is not confirmed.)
1939 Chevy, This car and I discovered America the same year.


betty said...

I can imagine you are beat! Sounds like an ordeal to get the work done that you did today! Restful sleep and remember Rome was not built in a day, so settling in might take more than just a day or two :)


Lisa said...

Wow! What a way to meet the neighbors. Ha. Glad you made new and hlepful friends. Tell sherry to take it easy! Picking out colors is going to be fun. Cant wait to hear about the progress. The fence story was a good start.

Glad yall made it safe

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like a rough start there but it's good to hear you have some nice neighbors. Sounds like you're going to be very busy for a while.

shirl72 said...

Mercy not fun having that much trouble. Hope things get better there in
Fl. Maybe you should come on back to the Historic town ..hee hee I know
you both like Fl. I also know you like to do that kind of work Have fun...

shirl72 said...

PO: I missed last nights blog. I think you get up in at night and write.
I think about Daisy and Ann lots. Daisy is 90 and get around like a 20 year old and Ann the same way. They are wonderful people. They are my good friends. That was a fun night.......

Jean said...

I know what you mean about a deep buried post last year I took down an old fence we had put up years back and was cemented around I had to dig way down around them and pull them out with the lawn mower. It took a few days (weeks) but I got the fence down. Maybe you want have any more bad luck. Looks like you moved into a nice neighborhood not like that around here.(smile)I've been nursing a hurt knee now for over a week and it's not a good feeling tell Sherry to take it easy. Take care and don't work too hard. Jean

Woody said...

Sorry you got stuck, sand can be terrible, we got stuck once up in the Outer Banks in Duck, NC on the beach, had a hard time getting free and no one around. Sounds like you have a good plan of attack, good luck on your Venture, will be keeping you in or Prayers for an easy transition of turning the place into yours ! Still enjoying another warm day,

Gary and Anna Mae

Dar said...

So life does get complicated for you too once in a blue moon. Glad you got unstuck and de-fenced. Hmm, can't imagine getting the coach stuck. PHEW !!!
We pulled fence yesterday in the field, the stuff we had elec. fence on to keep the deer out of the punkins'. I lifted every one....with the bucket of the need to get you one! ;)
Carry on with your next great adventure. Life is sweet ~ north to south

Mevely317 said...

Oh my goodness ... WHAT a way in which to meet the neighbors! That's got to be a great feeling seeing strangers come out of the woodwork. I've a feeling many folks (including ME) would've turned the air blue and had a good cry.

You can't beat Taco Bell and a good internet connection. Like Ma reminds us, there is always something for which to be thankful! I'm gonna stay tuned!