Thursday, September 15, 2016

Getting ready

We came to NC for my seminar concerning implants and that is over. I received 3 hours of good information, it was 'data overload' but I did learn a lot more than I knew. I have not had time to implement a thing, being around here, we are in a busy world.

Still getting ready for the 60th HS reunion for Sherry's class. I have heard so much, and commented so much on HS grads that I might have insulted a friend today.  Bob, from up in the great state of Pennsylvania and Stella's other Great Grandpa, stopped by for a visit today. We both have a back ground in computers, repair, programming and operations.
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As always, the super computer, the IBM 360 comes up. We both worked with them. In the course of our talk, of course the HS reunions came up and I asked him if he graduated HS. He was sorta shocked, and with a hurt look said, "Jack I graduated from college!"(You can’t tell that?)

Being an old wise acre I said, "And I thought you talked funny just because you lived in Pennsylvania."  We both laughed but I could tell I had insulted him. Later I apologized.  I bet Bob even knows how to pronounce 'Hyperbole'.

The word has come up on a forum I frequent.  I liked the subject. I knew the definition of the word, it is just not a word that comes up in conversation in the circles I have traveled. I have never heard a carpenter, marine, airman or sailor use that word, I traveled among the illiterate.

I try not to make fun of education, I do wish I had paid more attention in school, and yes I do know I would have been helped with a degree.  But that is in the past, as a dropout I have been very successful. I also have attended a couple colleges, never enough to graduate.

BUT when I mentioned the forum and the subject, hyperbole, Sherry cracked up (no thought for my feelings) when I murdered the pronunciation, anybody with half a brain would know the word would be pronounced "HIPER_BOWL"  like it is spelled. (Yeah I know that sentence to too long but I ain’t fixing it!) Sherry had other ideas, but then she is a High School Graduate, with a class reunion this year to prove it.

My girl in the upper left hand corner of her 1956 annual. The first and only person in her family to graduate HS, as a bonus she was a member of the the Beta Club, a national honor society. They (and I) were proud of her.

Of course I still think she is wrong, but I will leave her with her fantasy. (Although I know the odds are SHE IS CORRECT). I honestly tried to learn the pronunciation, but a minute later I forgot. So I decided to keep from embarrassing myself, I will never use the word again.

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PS: Thanks for the helpful hints on tomato plants, Imma try some of that next year.

 1956 buick
 1956 Crown Victoria
Studebaker Power hawk 1956 (one of Shirl's cars)


betty said...

I googled hyperbole and this is what it said


Its one of those words I have to not look at when I'm trying to say it. I know how to pronounce it, unless I'm looking at it and then it makes no sense.

I never had the college "bug" in me. I thought I could do pretty well with a high school diploma and a few extra business classes. I did do well until the industry I chose changed on me. Sadly, even if I had an education, the industry still would have changed. There are advantages to higher education, but there are also disadvantages. You can be incredibly book smart and have lots of degrees behind your name and not be able to find a job to support you or your family. Or you could learn a trade and make a deceit living. I think you did well doing the latter and not the former.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A college education isn't for everyone. We need folks at jobs that don't require them just as much as we need those that have one. Some of my children have one, but not all of them and they are all successful in life. I probably pronounce Hyperbole incorrectly too. But then I didn't go to college either. Hope you all enjoy the reunion! I'm thinking you all will have a grand time of it!

Dar said...

OK, never heard of that word by sure was close on the meaning before looking it up. lol I have a HS degree, but never did finish college before life detoured. Our neighbor and I were just talking about ' what we want to be when we grow up.' I got my wish, a Christian wife, mother, grandmother a dozen times, and a pure country girl who raised our family off the land, basically, fresh everything. It's worked for me, but it's not for everyone.
Personally, today, it seems a trade school takes kids closer to a good job as any. Degrees can also ' over educate ' to the point that you don't get the job. Just sayin' . Have a wonderful time going down memory lane. I'll bet your friend has already forgiven your thinking out loud. lol
have a good day my friends

Lisa said...

I had to google the word "Hyperbole". Never heard of it before but luckily, there was a sound prouncement on the word so I could hear how it sounds. So I just made up a new word. Did you see that?
Prouncement: A gadget that sounds out the word.

You and sherry are funny.

Theanne Crossett said...

As long as we're communicating what difference does it make which words we use. My Moma was big on big words and she like to throw them around...but she didn't always know how to pronounce them correctly...perhaps she should have stuck to smaller, simpler words. Words that the everyday folk around her used, I think she would have been happier if she had. Poor Mom, I think I'll say I'm sorry 'cause she was only doing what she'd been taught (after all she WAS the daughter of a preacher's daughter, who was also a teacher) <3

Mevely317 said...

Ha! I've nothing to back it up, but I suspect there are more 'educated idiots' out there driving cabs than those who graduated from the School of Hard Knocks ... who are/have made a darn GOOD living.

There's LOTS I don't know, but I feel pretty blessed to have had a former hubby who loved language and taught me so much by example. Except lately for whatever reason, I've come to love the word, apoplectic ... but my tongue keeping stumbling. :(