Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Who said I wasn't a farmer?

A few weeks ago I decided to plant a couple tomato plants. One a grape tomato the other a Big Boy. Bonnie (Of Organic Discourse)  said most likely my harvest (if I planted where I said) would be small.  I did ask. Then we left for Florida.  During that time some of the family ate grape tomatoes. That plant had the ability to 'grow to the sun'. It is over 8' high . It stands two feet higher than I can reach on one branch now.
(Is this my first 'selfie'? I am reaching as high as I can and an still  couple feet  up)

Now, Bonnie was right, total tomatoes on the Big boy is three tomatoes, poor harvest:
There are more blooms and tomatoes on the grape tomato vine, but no more blooms on the Big Boy vine.

BUT let me tell you one thing, if all goes well one day soon, Sherry and I are gonna have a great tomato sandwich!
My tomatoes would do well to be 3", when my mama grew tomatoes she had 'em 4-5" in diameter and one slice made a sandwich. MMMMM Mama's tomatoes were the BEST.  Next year I will plan better. We will even have a house in Florida so we may have tomatoes north and south.

If I were to be asked the best tasting thing I ever ate, a tomato sandwich with salt, pepper and Dukes Mayonnaise would be top or next to the top.  I don't turn up my nose at adding lettuce and ham (or bologna or bacon), but tomato mayo and white bread is the best. (we use wheat bread now, but it is hard to beat the white bread with tomato)
Thanks for stopping by, I wish I had enough tomatoes for everyone, but.................

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Lisa said...

You did good. It's hard to grow a mater in North Carolina clay. Start earlier next year and you could probably call yourself a farmer after all.
I can't grow anything without the wild pets dining on them.

Happy Hump Day

Theanne Crossett said...

A homegrown tomato in the hand (or stomach) is worth a million store boughten tomatoes :D :D :D You did good Farmer Jack!

betty said...

Tomatoes looking good! They always taste so good when homegrown.


shirl72 said...

I didn't grow grape tomatoes this year. You are doing a good job. Mine never got that tall but I did have tomatoes on mine. I just like to see things grow and mature. I have a watermelon plant and 2 watermelons on the vine. Maybe they will get bigger it will be fun to watch them..

Mevely317 said...

That grape tomato plant's growth is amazing!!
Never have I ever had a tomato sandwich ... but you make that sound pretty tasty.

Mary Degli Esposti said...

Thanks - I want a tomato, cucumber & flaxseed sandwich now, but I am at the library,so....
I don't have a vision of you as Mr. Selfie.
Stopping by here is a pleasure.

Jackie said...

Nothing beats a mater sandwich.

Paula said...

My one tomato plant made lots of tomatoes but I was disappointed at how small they were.

Rick Watson said...

Our best yield was heirloom plants. The others couldn't take the heat. One reason tomatoes grow tall and thin is too much nitrogen. If you composite, that's a good way to keep plants nourished. Also, keep the roots aerated so they can get oxygen. If you do those tow things and make sure they have water, they usually do well.

Dar said...

I LOVE tomato sandwiches...ymmm. Bill's tomatoes didn't fair so well this year, as we had sooo much rain. They started to rot from the inside out, or split and fall from the vine......I thought it was just us, but everyone we talked to said the same thing. Maybe next year.....and like Rick W. said, compost, aerate, and you'll be slicing tomatoes as big as a slice of bread.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love tomato sandwiches with white bread and mayo. Sad to think that here in Ohio tomato season will soon be over.