Saturday, September 3, 2016

Cheap Skate

Sherry and I visit many ‘destination places’. The next few days we will be here in the Disney area.  Saturday morning we ate out.  I had a veggie omelet and fruit, Sherry ordered a big breakfast of meat, eggs and pancakes.  She does this because she knows I will eat half her breakfast.

The bill and tip was $25. WHAT? We are used to eating at White’s Café (Belmont) or Pete’s Diner (Leesburg, FL) for $10.  But this is a destination place.

(Balloon characters are from the net, but the young lady's art was as good or better)
While watching the tourists eating and having a good time. My attention went to the ‘Balloon Lady’.  A pretty girl who goes to the tables after a meal and entertains the kids by making balloon characters. She was good. She made a fantastic Minnie Mouse, Spider man, a dog and some magic swords.  About $40 worth of entertainment plus the meal. The kids and parents seemed to be happy, after all this is a vacation.

I was beating my brain trying to remember if we ever took the boys on a week’s vacation at a motel and ate out the whole time— No, Sherry verified my thinking. Our vacations were always a combination of camping near a destination place and eating mostly from the cooking on the Coleman pump gas stove or roasting wieners over a campfire. But we did Cherokee, Myrtle, Key West, Lookout MT/Ruby Falls, Six Flags over Georgia and a couple more.

Once I did rent a boat at a lake and we had a ball.  It was an open fishing boat, but to us it was a ‘cabin cruiser’. I needed to use a ‘pathroom’, so I pulled up to a small isolated island. The boys and Sherry stayed in the boat, laughing up a storm.  I didn’t know why until after I sent the film off to ‘Jack Rabbit Film Processing’. Sherry had taken a picture of ‘daddy’s’ back, as he was peeing, to the boys delight.

I have threatened to get a picture of Sherry’s ‘backside’ when she potty’d behind the bush (quote Lisa, ‘I learned to potty behind a bush while fishing with grandma’). But I am ‘smart enough’ not to actually take the picture, :-O .

Truthfully, we refused to go in debt for Christmas or vacations.  So in the last few years by smart investments over our lives we travel parts of the world (still on a shoe string) but see the same beauty of nature that many wealthy folk do. All 50 states and over 20 countries.

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PS: The two exceptions but the same rule, no going in debt (for the two of us): A week in Hawaii and a cheap flight to Germany ($275 round trip pp) and road trip in a rented car around Europe (4 or 5 countries) eating in local café’s. DAT WAS FUN.

 Above was our first Trailer RV, I built that one, it was a pop up.
This VW was our first motor home. LOL


Unknown said...

The red VW. :-)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The only stay over trips we had were done in camper. We found that was the best way to make the most of our money. We stayed in a lot of state parks and got to see a lot that we'd never have seen otherwise.

shirl72 said...

Our families have always love travelling... The place I enjoyed was Hawaii
that was a nice place and wonderful sites. I did like LV to see all the shows. I certainly have not traveled like you and Sherry. Live is good
Come home Belmont is a nice Historic Place.

Love Sister

Lisa said...

You only live once! Have fun doing it and discover all you can even if its peeing on an island. Hahahaha.

Love the popup

betty said...

I think you and Sherry were wise with your vacations with the boys. I did hear Disney has a plan where you plan four vacation, they tell you how much it will cost, and then you make payments on it, all paid before you get there, except for some meals and souvenirs. I think though just being together as a family no matter what is a great vacation. Sometimes when you spend too much, you really try hard to have fun and it becomes really stressful for everyone.



I remember going to Disney with our kids and almost fainting at the cost of a burger. HWY robbery. destination place or not.

Mevely317 said...

I just don't 'get' Disney-mania. Maybe because I've been so many times, I'm jaded. But what they charge nowadays is, like TT said, highway robbery ... and they're using your wide-eyed children/grandchildren as bait.

I like what you said about enjoying the same beauty that the wealthy so. Reminds me of when my dad and mom cruised, and always selected an inside, lower cabin. They got to eat the same food, watch the same shows, etc. as those who paid twice as much for superior accommodations.

Rick Watson said...

We're often budget conscious too. We do this so as not to incur debt. Some might call us cheap skates but thar's OK with me.

Sheila Y said...

We went to frontier land in Cherokee when I was young. I think we left there and went through Gatlinburg. Dad had a regular camper on his truck that he built a bed in with a cabinet underneath that we opened and rolled out foam that Shawn and I slept on. It was fun, shortly after they bought a travel trailer camper. Take care, Sheila