Friday, September 16, 2016

The Experts

It is easy to judge an expert (or real professional) in a physical activity, by the results.  My first experience in 'grownup' life and the term Expert was on the rifle range aboard Parris Island, SC. Most southern boys in my area loved to shoot. We had air rifles at 8-10 years old. 

Nearly 60 years later
By the time we were 12 we had our own or access to a .22 caliber rifle or shotgun. Boys prided themselves in accuracy.  Parris Island was the first time I could prove how good I was. I loved the M1 Rifle. I broke a range record the day before Qualification.  I was an expert rifleman, and had the score and medal to prove it. There are many Expert Riflemen in the military, I was one of many.

There are expert mechanics, the plaque on the wall says he is schooled.  His correct diagnosis and repair of your car consistently, shows he is an expert.

In the case of your electrician, plumber or A/C man; his certification says he has passed a test. Your satisfaction of his/her work decides if they are an expert of not.

It took a long time in my life to understand that every professional is NOT an expert. That pertains to  ditch diggers and doctors.  There are service technicians who are what we called, "Easter Eggers". They looked for the problem by guessing. It could be this (change the part), well that's not it. Let's try this! etc.  I learned (slowly) just because the man has the tools, doesn't mean he can repair something efficiently.

Example: I used an A/C man to check a unit that was not operating properly. Within the hour he told me I needed a complete new system   Cost $2,255.00.  I told him I would let him know. I saw a red flag.  I called George Painter, I knew George was an EXPERT.  Also within an hour George called. "I've got time to fix it Jack, but it will cost about $80.  It needs cleaning, the folks in the house removed the filter and the inside if loaded with cat hair." In life it pays to KNOW the expert.

Doctors: My BIL and BEST FRIEND Sonny was told by his doctor one kidney was cancerous and should be removed. Sonny was concerned and went for a 2nd opinion. Using a reference from his doctor. "Yes, it needs to come out."  So they took it.  The kidney was removed, and upon testing it was a good kidney no cancer. Long story, short. Later the other kidney started failing and he had to go on dialysis.  He is gone now, I am still upset, he could still be here for me to jaw and fuss at,  HE was the best.

I'm skeptical, In the case of Sonny's 2nd opinion. I think the Dr. was busy and took his friends diagnosis and said, "It needs to come out (thinking my friend can't be wrong on that.)"

In business an expert is someone from 100miles away. A real expert is from 3000 miles away.

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Another definition of the business expert, is a “Drip under pressure.”

 I love these old Auto repair pictures.
Friend Buddy's Mustang, He is now a full time RV'er and had to let it go.  It was his beauty and powerhouse


betty said...

Its hard to understand sometimes where the doctor is getting their information from on the impact of patient care. They look at the objective but sometimes forget the subjective. Sometimes they guess correctly sometimes they don't. At the end of the day, they are not perfect like we aren't perfect, even if their wrong decisions impact the lives of those we love. They have to have a sort of an arrogance and a confidence I don't think I could ever have.


Lisa said...

Personally I think there is no better expert than ourselves. I also think common sense is better than book smarts.
I love that mustang!

From hazy Gtown

shirl72 said...
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shirl72 said...

That was me that deleted made to many mistakes will try again. I feel like
Lisa said we need to use common sense when making decisions.

Dar said...

Expert at anything, No One Is really. I know I have a long way to go. Bill, however, he's an awesome handy-man to have around. If he doesn't know the answer, he sure makes his best attempt to find it or he won't fix it. I'll keep him. :):):) As for doctors, yep, not experts either but some are close enough to be recommended. I love the ones that we can spot a mile away as considerate of each patient's needs. They feel like family.
Have a sweet weekend. The leaves are turning up north, beautiful.

Jean said...

Several years ago I called a repair men to fix our refrigerator the freezer part was freezing up. He took a look and told us it can’t be fixed. The husband and I took a wire and cleaned the drain pipe and we haven't had any problems since.

Theanne Crossett said...

Don was the best handy man I'll ever have, all I had to do was say something about fixing something, or wanting something and as soon as the words were out of my mouth he was trying to find a solution. Boy do I miss that :)

Mevely317 said...

Sonny's story was a real tragedy. I'm sorry, Jack.
Some comedian once remarked, "Do you ever stop to think, some doctors out there finished LAST in their class?" Oftentimes I wish I HADN'T heard that!

When DH Tom was still working as a 'handyman' I particularly admired his candor. At the outset, if there was anything with which he felt uncomfortable, he'd be straightforward: "Thanks, but that's B.T. = Beyond Tom."

Rick Watson said...

We learned the hard way with Jilda's immune system issue that doctors are sometimes wrong. We do a lot of research and we contact the medical experts we know to get their take on how they would proceed if it were their wife or daughter.
Good post Jack.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There are a lot of people that call themselves experts but no one knows it all and often they just make expert guesses to see if something will work or not. Doctors are not infallible and are only human too. None of us is perfect for sure.