Thursday, September 8, 2016

Headed North for some Important appointments

Here we are at Point South, SC. We are here just for over night, car is still hooked up and ready to head in North Carolina on Friday.  Same house, different front yard. LOL

Today's trip was up the East coast of Florida. We tried a new route around Jacksonville that Mark had recommended. Other than some construction it was a neat trip. The views from the motor home crossing bridges are so much better than in an auto. WE crossed the Dames Point Bridge. It is beautiful from a distance, looks like a giant sail ship.
Sherry caught these as we crossed.
 The bridge is over the mouth of the St. Johns River It is a pretty large shipping port, as you can see.
 Today's shipping is mostly containerized shipping. The massive number of containers is mind boggling. The lines below are only a drop in the bucket.
Sherry snagged this one of a Nuclear Plant in the distance.
She got some good ones today.  The I-295 Bypass was our high lights of today.  Tomorrow will be all Interstate to our Belmont exit. We won't stop again since we got fuel today.

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betty said...

Safe travels! I loved that bridge! Sherry took great pictures!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Bridges are fascinating. I love the pictures. Safe travels !

Lisa said...

Sherry is quite the photographer. So your traveling Point South to South Point. Ha. You and Sherry get that.
Safe travels and hope all your appointments bring good news.

Can't wait to hear about the reuinion too.

Mevely317 said...

Beautiful bridge spans!
We went through/around(?) Jacksonville on the way to SIL's place last year, but I don't recall these images. (Probably on account of the incessant rain and my pout, having to be there. LOL!)

shirl72 said...

Enjoyed our visit. Hope everything goes well with your ear app.
Looking forward having you home for awhile. I know you will be busy
with your plans.

Rick Watson said...

Travel safe Jack.

Dar said...

Sherry Did capture some awesome sights. I love the bridge of sails. The shipping port reminds me a bit of the Locs at Seu St. Marie, MI...I'm sure I spelled that wrong......did you get there when you were up north 6 yrs.ago?
I can't recall. Great job Sherry.
Safe travels and God bless ya. Hate those appt.s but sometimes we do what we gotta do.
hugs and loves

Jackie said...

Happy and safe traveling to you, my friends!
(Jacksonville, FL, is my birthplace.)