Saturday, September 24, 2016

We are not suitcase people

Returning from Florida we realized again, we are not suitcase people. We both agreed if we were wealthy we would not enjoy traveling and living in hotels and motels.  It is a chore for us to pack and unpack, we have become accustomed to having everything with us. You know, our ‘stuff’, our home and you cannot pack everything. LOL

At least six times while working on the new home, I said to myself I will go out to the motor home and get:
1.  A short piece of wire.
2.  A pipe wrench.
3.  Circuit tester.
4.  Ladder (we found a 5 gal. bucket to stand on for short stuff)
5.  Nut driver
6.  WD-40 (bought that, lol)
7.  A hammer.  (I improvised using my tow bar attachment)
Looking at the motel room we stayed in, I had to smile. This is more square footage than we have in the motor home, but we much prefer being in the motor home.
We are also not ‘king size bed’ type folk.  We sorta want to touch each other at times. TOO much space in between with a king size bed.
The reason for the house as I have said, is for the time when Sherry gets too old to drive the 26000 lb Motor coach (LOL).  Right now we aren’t ready to concede that (big smile).  But we have no illusion that the time will not come, so we do want to be prepared.

In the mean time we plan to spend some time there, but more time in the coach. The home will also be available to family for a place in Florida to unwind. 

We timed our drive, we stopped several times, including once for coffee and once to eat and the drive was less than 9 hours door to door.

Nite Shipslog
We saw one of these today, 1955 Chevy. One of my most favorite cars. Those are the colors also.


Lisa said...

Eeeeeesh! Anyone that has their own camper/RV knows how strange a hotel bed is. Me and Nick are used to just a full size bed both at home and our camper. We like the "touching" too.
Last week when I stayed in the hotel (alone), it was not my cup of tea. The bed was way to big and though it was an upscale hotel, there has been a lot of bodies on that thing. I slept upright and on the edge.
You and Sherry will have your Florida home neat and cozy in no time.

From sunny Gtown

Dar said...

ohhhh, standing on that bucket is risky unless you've been practicing for the Olympics for careful and aware :/
Motel rooms, yikes, anytime. I'm glad you have a home away from your home for, you know, IF you ever slow down.
As for the '55 Chevy, love it but I still prefer a '56 short box Chevy truck,
just dreamin' again. I do love the color of the '55 tho, ok, and the car. Love n' Hugs both of ya from way up north.

betty said...

I do get tired at the end of a vacation living out of suitcases, it is always good to be around familiar things. Good planning with the house, hopefully it will be years away before you all need to stop driving.


Mevely317 said...

Having just completed our requisite annual training on Ladder Safety, I winced .... imagining you on that bucket! (No worries. I nag Tom, too, every time he stands on the top rung of our ladder.)

I agree, suitcase living isn't much fun. I don't know how flight crews and travelling business people stand it.

PS - We've a king-size bed that sometimes feels too small when Macie and Gracie insist on sleeping stretched out ... sideways!

shirl72 said...

Glad you are back home. I have travelled enough in my lifetime but it was
enjoyable and I was younger. Now I am happy staying home enjoying the yard and a comfortable place to live.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can imagine that you really missed the convenience of having your motor home. Hopefully the next time you go south you will be able to take it with you. Sounds like you really did a lot while you were there. It's exciting to hear about your new home adventures.

Mary Degli Esposti said...

I'm not even going to tell you how many times I would have had to stop in 9 hours for bathroom breaks.
A small bed couple after 60 years.
<Envious, but very, very happy for you, too. More happy than envious.