Saturday, September 10, 2016

I am beat, we are in NC

I have an appt in the morning about my implants. I need to get up early.  I turned off my computer started to bed with my beautiful wife and realized, I have not made a blog entry. So I hit the on button again, grabbed a jar of bread and butter pickles (everyone needs a little vinegar) and sat back down.
This is here just because it is pretty.
In this motor home we have a nice counterpin, but we have a 'sleep sack' on top of it.  The sleep sack is like a sleeping bag except it has a sheet lining held in by Velcro.  My girl must wash the sheet every two weeks.  WHY? Heck I don't know, boys don't know this stuff. i guess we don't care or we ain't dirty.

When I lived on a ship we changed our sheets every week.  We didn't have to wash them, but someone did.  That is 10,000+ (1/2 sheets)  sheets every Monday on an Aircraft Carrier.I wasn't crazy about changing them then.

But back to our bed.  I said counterpin. Are you familiar with the word?  That was a normal, everyday word as I grew up, but now it is GONE.  Sorta like Ice-box.  I still put stuff in the ice box every once in awhile.  I hate to see GOOD WORDS die.

Are you familiar with Ice box or counterpin?

What words have you lost in your neck of the woods.?

Before we left Florida, we had a few frog stranglers.

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1960 Rambler  


Lisa said...

Had to google counterpin. Never heard it used. But hey I like it. Here are two words you dont seem to hear any more. "Step-ins" and "britches". Of course there are a lot of named things on old cars you never hear of any more but that could be a whole nother entry.

Get some rest!

betty said...

Hope you are sleeping by now and enjoying a good rest. I have not heard of counterpin. I will have to look it up. I can't imagine washing all those sheets weekly in the Navy. That seems like a lot of work! Glad you made it safely back home.


Theanne Crossett said...

Hi great aunts had an actual Ice Box that ice was delivered to once a week out in rural Virginia...the ice making plant was in town 12 miles away. My family had a propane refrigerator, in 1947, that we used for several years before getting an electric one. I believe what you're calling a "counterpin" my family called a "counterpane," both being bedspreads :) Hope things go well with your appointment(s)

Jean said...

I like some of the others didn't know what a counter pin was. I guess by now you have seen your doctor or waiting to see I hope you get good news. Take care, Jean.

Mevely317 said...

Having to consult Mr. Google, I feel smarter already! Wonder when/how I can drop the term "counterpin" casually into conversation and watch the blank expressions? (Ha! ... but you couldn't fool me with 'frog strangler'!)

Hope your appointment went SWELL (homage to my grandma).
Get some rest, now!

Back Porch Writer said...

Never heard of it! And we change our sheets every week here now with two humans and two dogs. lol Hope all going well.

Rick Watson said...

Yep. Jilda washes our sheets every Wednesday whether they need it or not :)
Glad y'all are back in NC. But I bet your appointment is not until Monday :)

Dar said...

I'm feeling rather tired, (bushed), myself after a day of canning 'maters' and slicing, dicing and mincing onions for the freezer. Putting up produce is in full force. Bill filled the crock with salted and shredded cabbage for saurkraut. Most people buy the Redwing crocks for their antique value, we use ours with goodness. I have an ice box that's used for storage now, and a cream separator that I used daily when we milked cows for milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream....some of these tools of a farmers kitchen make me feel real olt' and even more tired.
I pray your appt. goes well and that God blesses you once again. Thanks for the reminder. My sheets need washing and drying in the sun.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You had a long drive so I'm thinking your deserve to be a bit tired. I remember a time when we used sleeping bags in the camper with sheets in between. It was much easier to wash the sheets regularly than to wash the whole sleeping bag. Similar to my comforter that goes on top the sheets. The sheets get washed more often...and so do the blankets when it gets colder and I will have to add a layer or two. Lately it's been so hot we really don't even need a sheet.

Sheila Y said...

No, never heard counterpin, but I'm glad you didn't have any trouble in Florida with the gully washer's. :-) Love from up the road, Sheila