Sunday, September 18, 2016

Class of 1956, Sherry's Class, day 2 Activity

The class decided to place a granite bench in the local 'Stowe Park'.  It is a beautiful City Park downtown. Just a green way with a small stage and sort of an amphitheater for shows in the park.  Most people today enjoy the park  BUT DO NOT KNOW that this site was once a state of the art small amusement park INCLUDING among other things, a Ferris wheel, merry go round and a small steam train that encircled it.  It was built by Mr. Stowe whose family settled Belmont and brought in the textile industry. That park was in it's heyday during the Class of 56 members teen years. The place to take a date, dance to a live band and enjoy an evening.

These old people were walking around reminiscing of times past.  The park borders on the railroad that splits Belmont a couple passed as we stood here.

The class picture with the bench:
A prayer of thanksgiving for the ones of the class still here , blessings to those who could not make it and remembering the 48 class members who passed before the 6oth reunion.
Standing aside and watching I could not help but remember these old folk were in school when every morning there was a short non denominational devotion stressing good morals and a prayer over the PA system.

These old folk wandered the park, sat and talked for 2-4 hours, many wearing their 60th shirts.
 Girls remembering 1956!
 BUT then some of the classmates are not as fortunate as others. Here is JoAnn below. Remembered by her class mates as the sweetest girl. She married Martin, her childhood sweet heart, standing behind. Everyone knows, loves and remembers JoAnn, but she does not know any of her classmates. Her sweet memories have been stolen.
I understand that at least one of the class is in assisted living and unaware of their classmates.  Yes, these old folk know they are blessed to be here 60 years later.
 Below is my friend Mr. Ed.  He and I feel a little out of place. We were dropouts to join the military, but our girls graduated.
Day two ended with stories of school and teachers.  Mostly stories of sports events,  old men remembering when they could run and jump.  They now fit in the category of an old Hill Billy song popular back in the day:

When I was young, I had a lotta pep
I could get around, didn't need no help
But now you're old and a gettin' gray
The people all look at you and say

Too old, too old, he's too old to cut the mustard anymore
He's getting' too old, he's done, got too old
He's too old to cut the mustard anymore

Nite Shipslog

 1956 Ford up and the 1956 Oldsmobile below


Paula said...

Like your poem.

Mevely317 said...

Time is a thief.....
Neat photos, Jack!

betty said...

So sweet to see how they did this reunion to reconnect but also to remember those that weren't alive to celebrate with them. So touching too to realize this potentially could be the last reunion they might all be involved in.


Lisa said...

Im enjoying these reunion stories. I sit here and wonder how the young folks now days will celebrate reunions. Swapping cellphone pictures?

Good poem

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Every one may be getting older, but it looks like they haven't forgotten how to have some fun.

Dar said...

Sherry is having a wonderful reunion. Most reunions here are celebrated every 5 years during our annual summer celebration, The Flambeau Rama. They last a few hours and into a night of fireworks and dancing., most of whom no longer can without those aches and pains that kick in.
Dad used to sing that song......I remember it well.
Have a wonderful week Jack and Sherry. Today we load the pumpkin wagons so it'll be a back-breaker. I'm not getting too old to cut the mustard, but my body sure is. grrrrrrrr

Mary Degli Esposti said...

I'm glad that Martin brought JoAnn.

shirl72 said...

Looks like everybody had a good time. I think it is so nice to meet the
people that were school friends. We had the 60 and haven't had another one.
Enjoyed seeing the pictures of some of my friends. Belmont is a beautiful
Historic Town.

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