Wednesday, September 28, 2016

South Carolina and a poor internet

If this will publish I will get a blog entry on tonight.
  (Mattresses about fill the whole hall way, but we squeeze by)

We are loaded with stuff for the house and are about halfway to our new home. It is a little hard to stay on the internet and SUPER SLOW!
 (The little FIT is FULL)

At breakfast I learned something very neat.  From the very beginning of my chalk-artist career entertaining kids, I had a story the kids loved, I called it ‘Rastus learns an important Lesson’. It was about a farm kid in the spring who wanted to go swimming but mama said, “Only after you plant the beans.”

So Rastus worked awhile and decided to rest. He set the beans on a stump and sat down, but he spilled the beans. He started trying to get them back in the bucket, but came up with the idea of just covering them with dirt and heading for the swimming hole. Of course when the beans came up Mama gave him a lecture about ‘Be sure your sins will find you out.’

Well as Daisy and I sat waiting for our breakfast I asked about her time on the farm, Daisy was born in 1925 in Eastern Tennessee. She told me of a time She and Ann were supposed to ‘drop’ pumpkin seeds in the prepared hills, then they could go on home. She said after a few rows, she and Ann dug a hole and threw all the seeds in it, and of course in a couple weeks dad knew what they had done. She said they got a lecture on ‘Be sure your sins will find you out!’
 (L to R= Ann, Shirl, Daisy, me, and Sherry Note the BIG cake. Most everyone in the restaurant got a piece)

It is too bad I am not still working with kids, I could have a TRUE story of Ann and Daisy and the Pumpkins seeds. These girls are dears, they also baked us a going away cake, a lemon pound cake.

We had a great time with Shirl, Ann and Daisy, then hooked up and headed south.

Looking forward to pulling into Deltona in the afternoon.

Nite Shipslog
1925 Model T, New when Daisy was born.
1927 Erskine New when Ann was born
1936 Chevy New when Shirl was born.


Mevely317 said...

Wow. That cake looks delicious!
... but it can't compare to the smiles on your faces.

Hopefully, Deltona has improved internet and you can begin the process of 'home-sweet-home-ing!'

betty said...

What fun to celebrate with friends and that cake I bet was mighty tasty. Seems like you used all the space you could to transport the things you needed to down to your new "digs."


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Looks like a wonderful gathering with your friends. Very Interesting how their story hit home with you. Getting better internet will be a blessing for you. I've had to deal with slow before and it's frustrating. Anyway I'm glad your post came through.

Lisa said...

Oh my at that cake. I think you probably rode right past me and didnt even bring me a piece. Hmmm maybe next time. Dont you just hate slow internet? Sometimes I have to post "off line" and once I have a connection, I can publish it. Like the plane post I did. No internet in the sky but I have an app that allows me to post off line or draft to publish at a later time. When Im at the beach, the free wifi is terrible. I know how you feel. Cant wait to read more about your move.

The "FitHaul" is still cracking me up.

Dar said...

Cake please, I think I may be having a sugar low~~~~sure does look and sound delicious. Wonderful photo of you and your gals. Another sweet memory for sure. When we moved my lil sister home from TX, there wasn't room in the moving van for a mosquito to squeeze in. We sure know about moving. By now, you're at your new home away from home and getting tired of unpacking.
Enjoy every second. Love from up north where the rain finally quit and the sun shines on the punkins'

Woody said...

Congratulations on the new Adventure, we are doing OK, Anna Mae has one mre shot in the back and I am getting my AFIB and PVC under control, this looks like it just might be a trip to Florida for a couple months in December. we might even stop up in Deltona.

You 2 take it easy and don't go crazy and over do it so behave yourselves!!!
sending Love and Prayers from the North!
Gary an Anna Mae.