Monday, September 26, 2016

Tonight is empty

I am at a loss for a subject.  We have had family over tonight. Both Jude and Stella dropped in.  We had lots of family in, even sister Shirl graced us with a visit.

Sherry created her famous fish stew and few the crowd.  Lots of reminiscing,   Just family time over food, we ate in shifts and made the coach seem larger.

Mark is up from Florida, Jennifer and Stephen brought Jude over.  

Both our sons (grandpas) were here, and gushed over their grandkids. Of course I think that is so SILLY! (LOL)  I would never do that.  HA!

I have been packing for our trip back to Florida.  I have been pretty busy but actually still had time for a volunteer job for Sherry's brother.

I hope you had a great week end. I am tired.

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Every boys dream in the 1950's!  (the Vette)


betty said...

Glad you had a nice family gathering before you head south!


Lisa said...

I would love to try that fish stew your always bragging about. Hope yall have a nice ride to Florida.

Safe travels

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You have every right to be is fun and packing can be but it will tire you out. Take care. Don't over do it.

shirl72 said...

Had a good time last night and good seeing everybody. The fish stew was
good and I put recipe down and will try making. Sherry does a good job.
Sad to see you leave and will miss you....

Unknown said...

I kinda wish your sister would start her own blog :) ~Battle of the Memories.
I find it all very interesting. Uhm, yeah, I guess the other folks who keep reading & commenting do also ;O. Rest up. I hope Sherry is feeling well.

Mevely317 said...

How I'd have enjoyed watching your 'boys' gushing over their grands. (Like you never did that? Ha!)
When it's all said and done, FAMILY is the best!

Dar said...

Sounds like a wonderful reunion but it also sounds like even a busy fella such as yourself, needs a break. Let your brain rest, my friend.
Love from up north