Sunday, September 4, 2016

A significant, mind numbing, fantastic post!

(Amazing (truly) pictures of bridges from the net)
I live under a rock, but even I have noticed the use repeatedly of the descriptive words to get my attention to any article i.e. “Breath taking ways to raise worms,” The same words used to describe a world disaster where hundreds are injured or died, are used to tell of the near death of a pet.

There must be an excess of investigative reporters, or a lack of news for the same number. It is getting to the point I am sure I miss some actual breaking news since so many times I click on ‘BREAKING NEWS’ that is three days old.  When I do that Imma saying, “I ain’t the only one that lives under a rock!”

I expect to see: “Shocking new investigation, the moon is NOT cheese but it is LUNAR, amazing details at eleven.”

Unless your system is fast, it ain’t worth the problem to click and ‘wait’ for something to load. One day Sherry and I will have a wired system instead of the cell connection. We have been on the road most of the time the internet has been common place.  In the 1990s I contacted an internet geek, he met us in a mall parking lot and set us up on the internet with an old lap top and our cell phone.  He signed us up with AOL back when we paid $30 a month for their service.  We had a cell phone program that gave free minutes after 9PM so we were only on the net after 9PM most days.

We have NEVER experienced ‘fast’ service and most videos freeze until the download catches up.  Just today I let one run 30 minutes(because I was washing dishes as a distraction) and still did not get to see the dance moves of 90 yr old Dick Van Dyke.  I always liked the guy, he was AMAZING.  That word is justified in its use with Dick.

Fantastic can be used to describe most of the Olympic actions. But today I am just seeing too many ‘over-the-top’ descriptive words tied to the mundane.

So I am off my soap box, I feel better.  Really I don’t care what words are used but down deep my thoughts are, ‘They are being SILLY.’

Not everything is: Awesome, Fantastic, Jaw-dropping, Disastrous, Shocking, mind-numbing, Amazing, World-shaking, Incredible, Bizarre, Revolutionary or Horrible. Some things are just ‘real’.

And then there was this headline today:
Kim Kardashian Suffers Wardrobe Mishap in NYC
Please tell me how anyone knew???????

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree with you on the adjectives that are used with a lot of news reports. You are so right ! I got a little dizzy there looking at some of your pictures...I don't like heights...I'd describe them as that a word?

shirl72 said...

I have the same wardrobe disasters at times. Heights never bothered me
until I got older. Now I plan to keep both feet on the ground.

betty said...

My gosh with those bridge pictures! I couldn't go on any of them LOL :) So true how sensationalism has crept into our vocabularies these days. Everything is amazing or awesome, what happened to ordinary? I do remember the free minutes for cell phones after a certain time and on weekends. How things have changed in just a few short years!


Mevely317 said...

Back in my h.s. classroom they used to refer to that stuff as 'yellow journalism.' Who needs the National Enquirer when you've a Facebook account? Oh sure, some headline will probably sucker me in again, and I'll feel like a heel again (and again).

It's almost 'amazing' how much I've come to loathe the word, 'amazing.' Silly, what gets under my skin.

Have a great day!

Jackie Darnell said...


Jackie Darnell said...
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Lisa said...

You can live under a rock and still know who the Kardashians are. Im with you on "who would know?".

Wordless in gtown


AWESOME diatribe.

Rick Watson said...

You're so funny. I wanted to us Awesome but Taryterre beat me to it:)