Sunday, September 25, 2016

Neighbors and neighborhood

When we bought this house in Belmont, it was done over the internet, we were in Ypsilanti because Sherry's little brother was not expected to live at the time. (He did recover and is doing well)  I had nothing to do for 6-8 weeks but play with the computer the hospital had in the waiting room. Since we were there most days 18 hours, I had the computer to myself many hours.

I saw this house for sale on Ewing drive. I used Google and flew in to give a look. It was on a dead end street in an older neighborhood. I made an offer and they accepted.  The pictures looked good. LET ME TELL YOU PHOTOS OF HOUSES CAN DISTORT YOUR VIEWS. hahaha. Our Grand daughter and her Stella rent it now.  WE park behind it.
(Picture for you folks up north) 

I would have said 'E-wing' drive but of course my girl says it is "You-ing" drive. The first neighbors we met were David and Delana Ewing and I was given a Reader's Digest history lesson of the area. David’s Great great-great grandpa arrived in the area and bought up Hundreds of acres. Therefore there were a lot of Ewing's on this street. David was born in the house we bought.

Our Next Door neighbor is Jake Ewing. His name isn't really Jake but he has been called that forever.  While we were gone last year his wife had to go to a nursing home. When we are home, every day I see Jake leave early to see his wife and come back late.  They have been married longer than we have. Jake and his wife are wonderful folk and great neighbors. 

Once I was cutting the grass and stopped to talk to Jake. "Jake, I am not sure where my lot line lies, I know I am probably on your side but I am just cutting around the trees to make it easier on you."

"Shucks Jack," he retorted, "I have 30 or 40 acres here, I am not worried about ten feet.  But cut all you want to."

Across the street is Bobby. He told me an Aunt willed the house to him.  His mom lives with him.
( I love being on-the-road, but not sure about this one!)

Sherry lived in Belmont all of her youth, she knows someone in every family that borders us.  We are mostly 'waving ' neighbors, but this is a real 'neighborhood' of helpful and kind folk.

Bobby says he hates to see us pull out, he likes to know we are around.  David and Jake always act like they are happy to see us.  I think they have also read most of my books, so of course they are also smart (LOL).

I said all that to say we will leave again next Wednesday. I will tell them we will see them in the spring, if I get a chance! If not, they will know we are off again.

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betty said...

Wow it is that time for the snow birds to head south, probably heading our way too, safe travels! Sounds like you have wonderful neighbors!


Dar said...

JACK, you SWEET FELLA, You posted a pic of my dream day I'll have one......even if it's still in a dream. Thanks Sweetheart. (I know Sherry doesn't mind my sentimental heart cuz no one's sweeter than she is). Ha!
You are living in a wonderful American neighborhood...and we see it isn't something of the past. As for the snow road, ummm, no thanks. We do get plenty but no roads with snow quite that
Love you guys. Have a beautiful week and stay safe

Dar said...

HA! my first comment didn't go thru.....maybe it needs time to catch up to my brain...............I've got a ton of things to do today as the list zooms thru my head zzzzzzzzzzzzz

shirl72 said...

I guess you will be working on your new home. I know you will have fun because you love
that type of work. It is sad when I know you are leaving..glad we do keep in touch.
I know Sherry loves warm weather. Love from up the road....

Mevely317 said...

"You-wing" like the mythical, larger-than-life J.R. and the cast of Dallas!

Yours is sure an enviable neighborhood with a Great Cast of REAL 'count on me' folks. I'm sure you know, that doesn't happen so much anymore. Thanks for the glimpse!

Mary Degli Esposti said...

I don't know which scares me more, the cliff or the supersnow road.
I mispronounce things alllll the time.
I need a new pair of shoes that I will not buy over the Internet due to sizing/comfort issues. You are brave.