Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ready to hit the road, but first...

There are a lot of folks who do not believe there are older folk than we.  To prove they are, we are invited out for breakfast today by Ann and Daisy, Ann is in her late 80's and Daisy early 90's. Shirl is also to be there but I cannot discuss her age, however, she is no longer in her 70's.  So all us old folk will meet and eat. Laugh and cut up, then we will come back to our home on wheels and head south.

Shirl has allowed us to store our bed and a lot of other stuff in her basement.  We took the bed out today and it is out in the carport now. We are PLANNING on putting it in the motor coach in the morning. We are hoping it will ride in the hallway.

I have loaded the coach basement with tools and supplies.  The little Honda FIT is loaded with end tables and a night stand.  Once we get the house painted we plan to visit some estate sales and furnish the rest of the house.  

We have something unique here that I sorta hate to leave. We have a hen that wanders around the house here. WE have new neighbors across the street and they let her out to roam and forage. She is a friendly chicken and stops to talk to me. This was a dead end street when we bought here. Last year the city allowed a new housing development access to our street so WE NOW HAVE TRAFFIC. (More cars in 30 minutes than we did have all day.) There were 4-5 chickens now they seem to be down to 1. They did have to cross the street so that may have eliminated the others.

Anyway the 'yuppies or millenniums' of the development, ride bikes and jog past our house.  I was in an intense conversation with Ms Hen yesterday and not noticing a jogger had stopped, he seemed to be interested in our conversation. I was explaining to Ms. Hen that she should leave an egg every once in awhile to pay for her food. She loves the droppings from the bird feeders. Sherry said the jogger resumed his jog sorta shaking his head. He probably has never seen a Rhode Island Red with her clothes on. I talk to our lizards and birds also.

Chickens were a new item to Stella.

Anyway, unless you read this early, we will be on the road. We plan to stop overnight in South Carolina. 

I do want to thank you for commenting and reading.  I appreciate lurkers also.  I love to read the comments.  You guys are sweet for taking the time to stop by, I know you have much more important things to do, so I really do appreciate it.

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Even in the 1920's,  Reckon he was texting?


Mevely317 said...

Oh, I hope Ms. Hen was listening! If the yuppie doesn't 'get' it ... his loss.
Sure, n' I talk to the animals, too. Once, I lost a beau (good riddance!) in Savannah ... he was humiliated when I talked to the horse tethered to our carriage ride.

Y'all be safe along the way. Can't wait to 'watch' your new home's progress. :)

betty said...

Love reading your blog, Jack! A highlight of my name when you post! Always look for them! I've been following you for roughly 8 years now (2007/2008 from where we living at the time :)

Safe travels to you and Sherry! It will be fun to make that house in Florida your home for whenever you want to call it a home!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I too wish you safe travels. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress on the new home.

Lisa said...

I have no doubt that you and Sherry along with your friends are a fun bunch. Im giggling at the fact you loaded the Fitt. I mean, who needs a uhaul when you have a Fit. Haha.
I look foward to reading your entries every morning while I have my breakfast.

Happy Trails

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Safe travels...!!

Jean said...

Jack you and Sherry are still young. I didn't feel much older than I did some years ago until a week ago I turned my knee and couldn't hardly get around and I got old pretty quick.(smile) I'm better now and feeling younger. You guys have a safe trip and looking forward to your new home progress.

Unknown said...

I have a Honda Fit & I consider it big. I'll bet Stella(among less cute others) was sad to see you go.

Unknown said...

Jack, what I want to know is if you asked the chicken why she crossed the road. ;-)

Dar said...

Breakfast with your young friends sounded like a fun way to start your day.
I hope to never grow old unless Bill does it with me. Lol
So you're ' tripping ' again. Stay safe. Love ya'll.

Rick Watson said...

We talk to our chickens too. I don't fret about what people think. Y'all travel safe.