Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sometimes it is Gremlins!

Just who'd a thunk that this HEAVY easel would blow over in a hurricane. LOL
This will be the starting of the picture, for the house by the side of the roads. I will add purple mts. in the fore ground the light blue will become the distant mts. With flourescent chalk I will add a full moon and stars, lights in the windows, highlights to the trees and stream.Red flag to the mail box and some flowers around the house. I haven't tried the chalk, I may try it today, the paint is good and dry.

We made a day trip down to N. Conway, NH to find a shop or two. We passed the entrance to Mt. Washington on the way. We drove this a few years ago.

Mt Washington in the distance notice the dark area to the left, might explain later.

I had to get a picture of this: a five and dime or what we used to call a 'Dime Store'.

Another shot. to be explained later.

This is a better view of Mt. Washington.
While in N. Conway I was able to find an external hard drive. Haven't put it in the system. Probably should with Gremlins running around.

I have had a couple strange things happen lately. Before leaving the last Hut on the trail I went inside to shoot some pictures. In the kitchen I shot a picture of the Croo (How they spell Crew). I dropped the camera, or something evil knocked out of my hands. I prefer to believe the last, since I could not admit to being a klutz. When I picked the camera off of the deck I immediately noticed the ‘nose’ was bent.
Due to evil forces being around me on occasion, this had happened one other time with another camera, while we were volunteering after Katrina hit. So being experienced, I gritted my teeth and straightened the nose pushing in, as I did, voila! Plastic surgery finished Nose retreats into the camera as I expected, but his time the little shutters stay partially in place when it slides back out. $$$$$ float in front of my eyes. When I tried to review the pictures of the hut, they B gone. If I manually push the shutters up the camera works pretty well. (refer to pics above with the shutters in the way.)
Today I did surgery and removed the shutters. It seems ok.
Now the other mysterious gremlin happening. When I walked out to see my masterpiece had been blown over (Who would have something as heavy as a Velvet painting would blow over in hurricane winds, evidently not I!) I thought I saw the van's blinkers on. I checked again, sure enough the blinkers were on. Had they been on all night? I opened the door, the keys were not in the ignition (good), but the GPS is in my seat. The holder is on the floor board. Ah,ha! The detective in me says: the sun has released the suction cup, dropping the GPS which hit the Emergency flasher button, turning on the flasher. Whew, nothing evil here. Just ignorance of leaving the GPS in the Van. Maybe a message in there somewhere.

Thanks for reading this drivel.
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I've gotten that dreaded furniture disease. That's when your chest is falling into your drawers!
Employment application blanks always ask who is to be notified in case of an emergency. I think you should write, 'A Good Doctor'!


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, you do have gremlins! Hope you can shake them off soon! I love how the painting is looking Jack!

Paula said...

Your picture is very pretty. Bet that Five And Dime has some handy little things in there. We used to have a chain called Winn's around here. I sure miss them.'Course everything cost more then five or a dime.

Lucy said...

Just had to stop and say hi and wow, you do have gremlins. I remember Woolworths five and dime. I wish we had one now. We have dollar stores now and not much for a dollar in them.

Sheila said...

Well I hope the gremlins are gone for good. I'm sure you gave Sherry plenty of foot rubs. Take care, Sheila

Shirl 72 said...

OK I see the signs..gremlins around chasing
you. We don't have any here in our small
town. I think that is a sign you should get
somewhere and stay put where people know you
and can help when needed. Age maybe lurking
around the corner. It has jumped on me. Its
hit quickly no warning. Maybe you can sing the
song "Gremlins stay away from me".


a corgi said...

I used to enjoy 5 and dime stores; now they would be 5 dollars and 10 dollar stores, LOL

glad you figured out what caused the gremlins with the flashers being on in your van; things like that always drive me crazy until they can be explained