Sunday, July 5, 2009

Computer repair and POLITICS

This is lsie Mae's grandma resting on the trail, in 2005
This is Elsie Mae, I swiped the picture off facebook. It was worth going to FB for this and more pictures plus pics of her dad.
Today's life changing entries!!!!

I have to give HP some credit. I took this system into Best Buy and the Geek looked at it and said “the hard drive is bad. You need the orig disks. And your receipt.”
Says I, “ Don’t have them.”
He says, “Can’t do anything without them.”

Called HP. I went over their conversations a couple entries back. Long and short they sent us a box. Last week we sent it to them at their cost. Seven days later it is back and I have uploaded most of my programs and some pictures. This Sucker went to Irving, TX, was fixed, and sent back in seven days. I would have had to wait three weeks for the Geek.


There are politicians I have felt sorry for:
The first I remember was Jimmy Carter. I wished at every news conference he would say, “Folks, my brother Billy is not the President, I don’t care if he has his own beer, I don’t even care if he makes it, that is his problem, I am president, not Billy!”
I felt sorry for Mr. Muskie (even though I did not care for him as a politician) but the press had been unmerciful. He cried at a news conference and said,”leave my wife alone”. He left the race, broken hearted.
One of the greatest politicians and business men was George Romney. He made the statement “I was brain-washed.” Referring to the senior military feeding him canned info, not real. The press hounded him out of the race for that statement.
Now, I am feeling a little sorry for a Republican. I don’t know the whole reason behind Palin’s resignation; we might in a week or so. It might be just what she said. She too is not my favorite politician, but I have felt sorry for her. A lot of ethics charges, of which she was cleared. She has defended some petty cheap shots. Making fun of her daughter (s) and then a cheap shot at the child Chip, shows little to no tact. If you have ever had children, you know there is just so much you can do as a parent.
Maybe the term, “if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen” applies. But maybe the kitchen was on fire, who knows? Now the folks, who said she should quit politics and raise her family, can rest easy. I never thought that argument had much validity since most mom’s work now. But some like to throw that around. I am sure she won’t be a stay at home mom for long. My girl worked after the boys were in school herself, and was a good mother. Most of the mothers on the net, work.

No, I think the press goes too far. I think there are too many reporters with nothing to do and they must make stories happen. Just once, after one asks a question of a father leaving his son in jail, "Your son was arrested for three murders, how do you feel about that?”
I would really love to see a reporter flattened. But then the other reporters would show it over and over again and the man would look like a wild man. So they have to say, “No comment” and try to walk away.
Enough of this rambling, thanks for coming by
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Man who scratch butt Should not bite fingernails.


Man who eat many Prunes get good run for money.


Sheila said...

Sherry doesn't look very comfortable resting bent over like that. Being the gentleman you are you should have got on your hands and knees so she could have used you for a bench... :) Elsie Mae is such a cutie. Take care, Sheila

Paula said...

Good entry as usual. I hate the way the news media gets on a subject and just rats it to death.

Woody said...

You still in New Yawk??? It is sunny up here and nice, BUT they say 4 days of rain moving in with a cold front from Canada coming across the Great Lakes, Hope not, I want it to warm up!! Hope yer both doing great!!!!! Take Care!!

Gary & Anna Mae

Lucy said...

Way to much news coverage on cable about Michael Jackson, Sarah Palin, Sanford however I think If I were Sanfords wife as far as him saying " his mistress was hos true love, but that he would try to fall back in love with his wife, I would get very violent first and be long gone later. He is a donkey, wait, that insults the donkey. Everything about Palin including her voice grates on me but she is human and she hurts when her kids get stupid Jokes told on TV. Trig is a special needs child and I feel her deserves more of her attention than he gets, from her. Good old Sarah is up to something. Glad HP did right by you. I hate calling them, but sometimes a necessary evil.

Lucy said...

By the way I was awake most of the night so please excuse the "worse than usual errors on my comments>

Lindie said...

Sanford's wife should tell him "don't do me any favors!" He (Sanford)sounds like an idiot! Am sorry he is a Rupublican! I wish Palin hadn't resigned but her motives will become clear I guess. I think she is a decent person. She surely loves her family. I am still having issues with my computer every time I comment on your blog I have to turn my computer off because it makes about 10 copies of it!

a corgi said...

Elsie Mae is darling!!!

As for Sarah Palin, I think the press gave her a terrible time from the get-go and they continued to give her a terrible time even after the election was lost; if the roles were reversed and the Republicans had won this past presidential election, Mr. Obama and his family would not have gone through this from the press like she/her family have been put through. Totally unfair treatment on the press' part. Ridiculous in my opinion. And if she resigned just to take the heat off her family,(after it dies down and it will die down because some other person will make news here or there), I think that was an honorable thing to do

glad HP came through and fixed your computer!


Shirl 72 said...

You must have put yesterday's blog late, because
I checked. When I was little and I would look
at that picture of our brothers sitting in the
moon. I thin the moon was real. That is through the eyes of a child. Elsie Mae is cute.
I am taking up a collection to send flowers to
Michael. Call BR 549 and place you order.


Shirl 72 said...

Mistake it should be I thought the moon was real. I be tired. First mistake I have ever made. Forgive me.