Thursday, July 9, 2009

To your Health And other crap!

Okay, how far would you drive for a Blizzard? (For Evelyn)
We had a coupon for a FREE blizzard. Okaaaaay the closest one is in Hyde Park. Since we haven't been over to see the FDR's or the Vanderbilts, we figured we had better go today. It is our last day in NY. The one on the left is Pecan Cluster the one on the right which is best, is a Tropical.

This guy was disappointed, we only got ice cream, he wanted some bread off a sandwich or something real to eat.

We only got a glimpse of Eleanor, she was hanging from a light pole smiling down at us. I liked the First lady myself.

Okay today's exciting (NON POLITICAL) ENTRY......

I am sure we have all noticed that news MUST be bad or it is not printed or published on the six o’clock. Health news is tops. It is hard to find the food that won’t eventually kill you. It isn’t a joke we are becoming more obese in the USA. It is because eating is so enjoyable. Our forefathers ate to survive we have so much abundance we eat to live and for enjoyment. Of course I think if old Dan’l Boone had ever tasted Butter Pecan Ice Cream instead of molasses, he mighta got a little heavy.

I am sure you have tried to diet or eat healthy. All over the world folks are concerned about what they eat. We read labels. I actually read labels looking for the fat content (Saturated and ‘Trans’, whatever the heck that means!!!!). I do it because I have been told, that my high cholesterol is due to eating this stuff.

Now some Doctor comes along with a study saying that some of our bodies produce too much cholesterol, and if we consumed NONE we would still have high ’BAD’ cholesterol. You must take a pill to lower it or you will die. Sooooo I increased the vitamin intake that is supposed to help fix that. Now last night I read the label, it says that if children ingest too much of this vitamin it could cause death. (What about me?) I had better quit reading labels.

Smoking. Now to be honest that was the most satisfying habit I have ever had (other than sex. Is sex a habit?). I was told smoking would kill me. I tried to quit. I was like the comedian who said, “Quitting smoking is the easiest thing I have ever done, I have quit ten times in one day before!”
I finally succeeded. I still enjoy sitting close to someone smoking a pipe with aromatic tobacco. I do not mind sitting in the ‘Smoking section’ of a restaurant. When I started smoking cigarettes were about 12 or 15 cents a pack. Aboard ship they were ten cents a pack. (The great bartering tool when you went ashore on liberty. Four packs in your socks and one in your pocket.) I remember when they went to fifty cents a pack I swore I would quit, but I didn’t.
I have learned, something is going to kill me, unless I find that fountain of youth.
My name is Leon, and I will probably have just as much luck as old Ponce de Leon, at finding that fountain of youth.
Thanks for reading the log.
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Shirl 72 said...

I also read labels. I try to avoid anything that
contributes to high my cholesterol level. We get it from both sides of the family. It take a long time to grocery shop standing reading all the labels. I guess we should make it fun standing around the grocery store reading.
What fun.



jean said...

Hi Jack and Sherry, I to have high cholesterol and take a pill a day trying to keep it lower last time I had it checked the doctor gave me a good report. I'm still taking the pill and it may kill me before the high cholesterol. I'm not to good at checking the labels. Lol. Take care, jean

Anonymous said...

I just eat with colour. That's how I figure I'm getting everything I need. The all-beige/all-brown North American diet is the killer! I did a lot of research on nutrients, so I'm a walking database and calorie counter, lol. Eating is a definite pleasure, one of my favourite things is to go to a restaurant for dinner, it's been a while though!
Btw, nice title ha ha "and other crap"!
Poor birdie! :)

robert said...

After drinking more than a litre of coffee per day, and the habit of eating while walking, came to the point thinking about health too.
Ever since drink only tea and sit meself whenever I eat.

Paula said...

At one time I would walk a mile for a blizzard, that is until I got very ill after eating one. I was at ER twice one week-end and ended up in the hospital for three days on iv's. May have not been the blizzard but I didn't want one for over a year.

Lucy said...

I eat what I like and guess what , at my age why worry. Live and enjoy . Robert if I only drand tea I would never drink at all.

a corgi said...

yum on the Blizzards; my favorite is Pecan Cluster, but now I have to try a tropical one

I read labels mainly for calories and fat content; my mom had high cholesterol, don't know about my dad because he died before they started testing for it. My doctor told me if both had it, I'd be doomed to have it. So far it is holding good, but who knows down the line

have a good weekend :)