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Why Obama's Afghan War Is Different - TIME
Jul 5, 2009 ... A Marine offensive in Helmand prioritizes securing the local population over killing insurgents. That, say US officials, ...

I was wondering the other day, upon hearing the terrible news that we had lost some men in Afghanistan. Where are the screams, cries and protests from the folks who continually called for the end to ‘Bush’s’ War.
That call came from the press, in congress and here on blogger.
No one has changed the time frame set by the Bush Administration for withdrawal, It is still in effect in Iraq. Our President vowed to end this terrible unjust war. He has now transferred the men due to return to the states, to Afghanistan. Now if you know my feelings, you know I am not surprised.
I stated here that so many folk, black and white would be disappointed because Mr. Obama, the candidate, offered so many false hopes. I said here on this journal that many folks would be disappointed because there was no way he could end the war and bring our troops home in the time frame he gave. There was one time he gave the figure of ninety days. Folks We have 130,000 troops in Iraq. You can’t move that many folks a hundred miles under ideal conditions in that length of time. Imagine moving those troops and equipment thousands of miles across water. A monumental task.
I know it must, should and WILL be done. But a Neophite cannot look at the task and say ‘No Problem we can be out of there in a month.’
Some thought when the Democrats had the white house and congress this all would be over. WE would have all the troops home by now. Folks Congress controls the purse strings, if they did not want this war to continue, it would be ending as I type. Do they want it to end? You must ask yourself that question.
I don’t accept the lame excuse that GWB done all this. He is OUT folks, and I know a lot of folks are glad. BUT what has changed, other than the occupants of the White House? I did not hear one man running that won say, “GWB has set this thing in motion and it cannot be stopped, NO! THEY SAID we will stop this waste of money, we will stop this senseless killing, just elect us and it will cease.
I said long ago, it doesn’t really matter a rat’s hinnie, who gets in, THEY CANNOT and will not, DO ALL THEY PROMISE! But we buy it every election year.
My man Colin Powell said the other day that Mr. Obama is trying to do too much at one time, we cannot afford it, who pays for it? I like Colin, he will never run for president, I wish he would. I really wish he had this last time.
Anyway what started this crappy entry was, “Why ain’t you guys yelling about OBAMA’S WAR!!” No, not Iraq everyone has assigned that one to Bush. NOW it’s Afganistan. Our President has said that is where the thrust should be and He has increased the troops there.
Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I do not fault either front. I thought Bush was right to over throw Saddam. I think we were wrong to try to occupy, but I did not know the intell. I think the Taliban should be fought in Afganistan, I think Obama is right. My question is why don’t I hear the protests saying “Stop Obama’s War?”
You know why? Politics! Now the Democrats can quieten down and business can go on as usual. Ms. Pelosi is not telling Mr. Obama he is stupid for continuing the war etc. because they are in charge now, as they have been for years, and the war has continued. Congress funds the wars folks, not Bush or Obama, all they can do is ask for the money.
Forgive this entries length, More of my ranting tomorrow......
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Man who run behind Car get exhausted.

War does not Determine who is right,
war determine who is Left.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jack and Sherry! I've mentioned that I'm not really into politics, but what you says makes a lot of sense to me. Can't blame Bush anymore! Politics aside, I had a nice sunny day today, and the pouring rain started again this evening, at least I got some sun! Hope it's getting warmer in your neck of the woods!

Shirl 72 said...

Brother you sure be brave touching on Politics.
If you want to get into trouble just mention
religion or politics. I am not that good of
a debater to get on these subjects. You do make
sense. I am still spreading good cheer and using Mother and Dad's example as we were
taught. Mother might get on politics with you.
Remember you and mother and Dad and I choosing
sides and and solving the the world problems.
What fun.


Sheila said...

It seems in politics it's best to choose the lesser of the two evils, because we know they won't keep most (if any) of their promises. Like Shirl, I'm not a debater, so I keep my mouth shut...ha. Take care, Sheila

Paula said...

I'm not that smart on politics and wouldn't know how to argue most subjects connected with them. I like to read your entries on politics as I feel you are well read on those subjects in which you write.

a corgi said...

I totally agree with you Jack; the press loves Obama, makes me sick (sorry) but that man can do no work in their eyes. I'm hoping others will come to see that he is all talk and no action....I still can't believe he was able to deceive so many...........

on well


Shirl 72 said...

Our sermon Sunday was about Obama saying we are
not a Christian Nation and played the news
clip where he said it three times. That should
tell people something. I heard about three other preachers had the same sermon. He also
mention the criyer (sp) and not the Bible.