Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some cars I have known and a girl I have loved. '57 Rambler.
Volkswagen Camper YR?

That is our '55 RAmbler in the back ground, The proud parents of that fine boy.

This is our '55 Ford We liked 55's. This was in '61 I guess. That girl I've made love to again.

1957 RAmbler station wagon and my Girl and Jack Jr.

Our Friend Marty with our '55 Chevrolet about (1979)

Oh Yes, that girl I made love to and her 1953 Plymouth. (about 1958)

1968 Chevrolet malibu, This is Marks car, whern it was our it was blue and white.

One of our favorite cars the Nash Metropolitan. 1956?

Now today's exciting *&^%%$%... Stuff....

Do you refill your own ink cartridges? For a long time now I have, and never had a real problem until I started trying to refil the HP60 ones. They just seem to not want to work, once they are reinstalled in the printer. I did get both ink cartridges to work today after adding ink. Then they died tonight. Shucks!

My friend Dan in Lancaster, gave me a stack of books. Some by Clive Cussler and some by WW Johnstone. Johnstone writes Westerns. I have started them and I like them a lot. I don’t know why I like Westerns but I really do. It may be because the good guy always wins. I like that kind of book. One of the best fiction writers (not Westerns) is John Grisham. He has written so many block busters it is disappointing when you get one that is not. I know you heard me griping about the Appeal he wrote last year, but the good guy did not win.

Hey, I got a hint of a new type of politician. Name is Bernie Decastro. He wants to run for Senate in Florida and is trying to get on the ballot. Reading his past you wonder for a little while. As a youth he was in a lot of trouble with the law. I think he spent 14 years in prison. Seems he was serving a life sentence. He was given a complete pardon. He has done so many good things since getting out it is unbelievable. I think the man probably would make a good Senator, I am giving it some serious thought. He has a great family now and is a business man. Maybe a man like that, who has proven he can change deserves a shot.

At least his past is there in living color for folks to see.

Boy hearing about all the gardens, tomatoes and squash makes me want fresh home grown tomatoes.
Take care and thanks for coming by the Log today.
Nite Shipslog

If you pursue happiness, it will elude you, But, if you focus on your family, your friends, the needs of others, your work and doing the very best you can, happiness will find you. That my friends is a fact.


Ora said...

oh Jack...and Sherry...what beautiful pictures...and the cars...oh the memories they bring to mind...we had a 55 chevrolet belaire when we married...good car...LOL...and boy if you would drop by I would give you lotsa tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and I made a caserole from butternut was soooooooooo good LOL..and wanted to make some Zucchini Cakes but couldn't find my will ask dau when she gets home...otherwise...guess I will have to buy one...but this grater was my I know it is the back on a shelf LOL....take safe...hugs from Ora in KY

Lucy said...

Those cars are not history to me, they are and were our transportation just as yours. Pictures bring back so many memories. Problem, you did not go back to the 32 Model B. I learned to drive on that thing. Jack you crack my blog readers up with some of your comments. I love the humor!! Keep it up.

Lucy said...

I forgot, I meant to give Sherry credit for making you the happiest man in the world.

robert said...

Good morning again,
nice to see that those stories about U.S. cars are real. Over in Germany we had them mostly as toys. You and your family proof that there's much more about it.
1955 I was still minus 22 and now with plus 35 find myself again playing with toy cars - how nice. Wish you always a safe road ahead.

Shirl 72 said...

I need to see if this will post before commenting.


Shirl 72 said...

Will not usually post first try. How did I miss yesterday's blog. I guess It was day for Drum lessons. You going way back. I remember my first car 59 Dodge with push buttons. I am going to try the new shredder sounds like fun. You know me and ID. New man running for Fl.
Senate sounds good to me having life open book.
Very unusually in today's world we find out later. Take care Life is good.


Paula said...

Always like to see those old cars. Seems cars had class then. People don't seem to take pictures in front of their car like they did back then. I was looking at some pictures today and saw one of Mel's old Ford pick-up.

a corgi said...

lots of cool cars; I won't call them old because that would make me old, LOL

nope, never tried to refill my own cartridge; we do buy though the recycled or whatever they call them, cartridges from the office store

My hubby enjoys reading Clive Cussler; I have not read/seen a Western in ages

try to stay out of trouble :)