Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WE got a call from friends who were hiking the AT. They were going to park their car and get a shuttle back down the trail and hike back to the car. Sherry can't miss a chance to see them or get on the trail so we went. Beautiful trip across mid New york. Beautiful Farm and Horse country.
This planter was at a Hiker Outfitter where we met Chilly willie and Just Ray.
We all wanted a small meal before heading South so we went to Covered Bridge. Sat outside and ate a sandwich.

This is driving thru the covered bridge, I just love them and their construction.

Below is the outside entrance view (I know you would have had a hard time figuring that out is why I told you. LOL

We drove about thirty miles South and found a trail head. Chilly and Ray got their packs on and of Course Sherry said lets walk a little with them.
Amazingly enough, as we entered the trail, these two young ladies hiked up. Lo and behold it is
Wags' & Gangsta. Both sherry and Chilly Willy recognized that smile and they have been following her (Wags') Journal since she left Georgia. They stopped and chatted for a minute and headed on up the trail leaving us in the dust. The girls are tough!

Well it had been looking like rain. But we walked a tenth of a mile or so then came to a creek. We are nto ready to Ford yet, so we said good by to Chilly Willy and Just Ray.

Chilly and Ray are section hikers. They were hiking in Pennsylvania and it was too hot for Chilly so the moved up to Connectecutt. They will be in the mountains on the trail for about four or five days getting back to their car.
Thanks for coming by the Log.
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Anonymous said...

Great photos!!! How cool that you met the girls, just out of the blue like that. I love those covered bridges. They're so country-charm, but also kind of creepy, reminds me of Sleepy Hollow! LOL, I know I always bring in the "creep" factor, it's a wonder I can sleep out here, ha ha!

Shirl 72 said...

That is neat that you met up with some of your
AT walkers. They look like nice people. The
lunch looks good. Jack you know you can alway have your packages sent here and I will hold them until you get to a place that you can get mail. Glad you are having a good time.


madcobug said...

That was great that you met up with your friends. I love covered bridges. Helen

Anonymous said...

oh Jack...I love covered bridges...will drive miles out of our way to checkone out...LOL..your pics were just great...hope the hiking was as enjoyable as you make it sound!!! happy day...hugs...Ora and the hubby

Paula said...

There is that Sherry with her hair neat as a pin right out on the trail. Are you sure she doesn't have a hair stylist riding a donkey along side?

Lucy said...

Good pictures but that is my whiskey barrel of flowers and I want to know how you got them. lol Also lol to Paula, I agree, she has got to have a stylist in her pack. I didn't get back on your comment about my neighbor. Read my post. Was feeling to puny to respond yesterday. Watch it today though. Lucy

Sheila said...

Enjoyed the pictures. You got to meet up with friends and blogger, sounds like a fun day. Take care, Sheila