Saturday, July 25, 2009

The rough day, 12 hours

It is hard to tell, but this is scrub pines. They stand about three feet tall and won't grow any higher, this is what they call an alpine area, above the tree line. No trees over 8 feet.
Hikers like to stack rocks as they sit and rest.

She said she did not want to stack rocks today!

Direction signs for the many trails in the Whites. BTW if you do not know, the Whites are called that because 99% of the trees here are White Birch.

Distant mountains over the scrub carpet.

These are the first pictures of this day, and we have been climbing six hours. We are above the tree line on the Summit of Mt. Guyot. We are beat. It is still two and a half miles to the peak of South Twin Mt. We are not allowed to camp above the tree line and it will be awhile before we will be below it.

I guess I show some were and tear here. But the intent was the backgrounds. the view is fantastic from up here.

Gorgeous view. I sat and counted nearly a hundred mountain peaks, an that was without turning around.

I took this picture to show these small hemlock pines. They sit on the peak of a rock mound in a bout six inches of dirt.

I meant to blow this up, it is a Grouse I think. There were dibbies with her. She is a big bird. I first thought female pheasant.

Another picture I meant to blow up. A father and small daughter having their picnic. We saw them earlier on the trail, the little girl passed us at a run, what energy. We were to see them later, two more times.

These shots are from atop Twin Mt. We have now been climbing eight hours, but cannot stop. I also made a bad judgement call on this climb. I cut back on four pounds of water to make the packs lighter. WE were out of water soon. I took some BLACK bog water and strained it through my kerchief. Then used our water puifier to purify the water. It was enough to save the day and wasn't bad at all. The purifuer is one of the best.

View over the rocks at a distant peak.

Just a beautiful vista.

I don't know. I was pretty tired. I musta liked this rock for some reason.

This is looking back at Mt. Guyot, where we just left a few hours ago.

This is our best views but the worst we have felt. The sign reads, "8/10 MI to Galehead Hut'. And yes we are willing to spend what ever it takes for a place to sleep. WE are not allowed to camp between here and the Hut or a quarter mile past. We just don't think we can make it. We had NO IDEA what we were about to face in that SHORT eight tenths of a mile.

Once we started down we could see the HUT. Doesn't look far does it? It took us a record two hours to climb down that short distance.

We figured we would be there before supper. BUT we weren't. The GAle Head hut is the most isolated of allthe AM huts. It houses 36 people. They had one lady's bunk left. It was the fourth one up. Shery turned it down. Of course we missed supper. But they did have some left over soup for $2 a bowl and $1 for refills..YES we ate it and had coffee. We also met some very nice folks. It is hard to believe there are folk who will pay $95 for a night out here, but they sure act like they enjoy themselves.

Since there were no bunks we agreed to help set up for breakfast, for a spot on the floor. You bet we took it. Sherry slept on a bench. LIghts were out at 9:30 so we were asleep by ten, or rather I was. Some snorrer kept my girl up. To be honest, the floor felt good. I didn't have to pitch the tent, and I was able to bring the packs inside and not hang them.

Thanks for coming this way.

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***** The advantage of exercising every day is so when you die, they'll say,'Well, he looks good doesn't he.'

******. If you are going to try cross-country skiing,start with a small country!

***** I know I got a lot of exercise the last few years,......just getting over the hill was enough.


madcobug said...

That was some beautiful scenery. I clicked on the picture of the grouse and it enlarged beautifully. You two have more energy than I have ever had. I don't blame you I would have taken the floor to sleep on also. Thanks for sharing the pictures and experience. Helen

Debbie said...

I'm glad you & Sherry were able to find a place to sleep besides on the ground and I sure wish you'd been able to enjoy a full meal I know you must have been looking forward to that. I think you are doing great to be able to hike that many miles in a day. It sure looks rough from where I'm sitting. Please don't overdo it we don't want anything happening to either of you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your pictures with us.

Love ya'll

Anonymous said...

Oh boy what a day!!!! When you wrote about the hut "doesn't look far does it?" I thought to myself, yeah it does!!! When you mountain hiking, a near-mile can be a three hour event! I'm glad you got to the hut before sundown and had a place to sleep! Phewf that you had the water purifier!!! Be well and stretch those muscles out!!! Beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Now that the rest of us all feel terribly lazy!
And then only soup and the floor-living ascetically for sure. Beautiful scenery, and I am wishing you a beautiful meal in the near future.

Paula said...

Me think on some days I may not want to stack rocks either. I sure like that big bird and the scenery.

Sheila said...

I envy you and Sherry a little, getting to see that beautiful scenery. I'm glad you are back for now, safe and sound. Can't wait to see what is next. I bet that soup was delicious...and hopefully the floor wasn't too hard. Take care, Sheila
PS. we've been having fun painting...

a corgi said...

wow, what a day!!! I could see the tired/weariness in your eyes and read it in your words.....that was a hard day for sure; I hope you are still resting now; stay safe!


Ocean Girl said...

Hi, may I join the bandwagon and follow your extraordinary journey - like watching an exercise show from the couch :)

Sonya said...

Wow, seems like you climbed mount everest to me. lol You all were way up there it seemed. I know you are having fun but will be glad for a normal bed. How are you typing these adventures up there?

Sonya said...

Oh I guess this is not today but the past. ha!