Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Moving day, Going to New Hampshire.

Today is another moving day. We actually left early and beat the owner of the park up, so we did not have to pay (learned that at Shirl's park in NC). We were on the road by eight, YES that is early!
We stopped for fuel while still in Maine. The pump would not put but $75 at a time in. Using Sherry's credit card just seemed to make more sense to me today, wonder why? Oh yes the Beast was thirsty, had to use it three times. Then went inside and had eggs and french toast and New England coffee for breakfast. Our first town was Rochester New Hampshire.

Most of these pictures are from the shore of Lake Winnipesaakee. We drove the shore line for near fifty miles. Most of the area is Tourist traps and Rich folks dens for Skiing in winter and boating in the summah. (New Englanders do not have an 'r' in their vocabulary. I love to hear them.)

The lake is very pretty and very big.

The road along the lake when not on the lake looked like this, YES it is narrow for this wide body Coach.

This is down hill entering West Alton, NH.

You are looking at apicture I doc tored to rid it of the power and phone lines. Looking up at the houses on the mountain over looking the lake. The GunStock Ski ARea.

Some area the lake is on both sides of the road. Sherry taking the drivers side, here again I am a camera hog, I shined my head this morning before leaving. Sherry bought me the Ships captain Teddy bear. He always rides on my side.

This is one of the decorated yards in the Laconia, NH area. Just before leaving the state roads and entering the Interstate I-83. (I deleted the picture and do not know how to get it back. I might put it at the top)
Note of interest for those who do not know. US Routes including interstates are numbered using the following standard. Odd highways run predominately North and South. Even Numbers run East and West. We are going North on I-83.

WE are on I-83, you can see the White mountains tothe North. Those sharp peaks are known as the two tits.

What you see below is Franconia Notch. Up North the openings between Mountains where you can actually traverse is callec Notches. Down South they are called Gaps (i.e. New Found Gap) and out west they are called Passes.

Right in this area Sherry had turned the camera off and we passed a Black Bear on the side of the road. NO I did not stop! Don't tell me I should have, I have already heard that ./. LOL

This is the left side of the Notch, solid rock.

For you that do not know, New Hampshire has always been proud of the 'Old Man of the Mountain'. He is even on the State quarters for New hampshire. The year before we got here, the chin fell off the face. It was a real blow to the folks of New Hampshire. The profile of the 'Man' was ver famous. Too Bad, we did not get to see it. This is the turn off to the Old Man Historic site.

End of todays Journey. Franconia, NH at the Franstead RV park.
All in all a very good day. Roads were good and traffic was light. Time to go to Lincoln and see if the snail mail is there Gen Delivery.
Thanks for coming by the log.
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the collection plates are
really hubcaps from a'56 Chevy

You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
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You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
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Shirl 72 said...

Well glad you made it to NH. That was some
beautiful shots along your journey. Hope your
mail comes. You know when you are here you get
your mail on time. Well if you must start walking keep in touch. GOOD LUCK

Melanie said...

you didnt stop to take a piture of the bear?!?!?!?!?

I wanted to see it!!!!

safe traverls to you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jack and Sherry! Amazing photos!!! I'm so happy to see your journey along with you! Nice shiny head Jack! :)

Anonymous said...

PS: I didn't know about the highway numbers being odd/even for the directions, thanks!

Paula said...

Nice info. and pictures. Your little teddy bear has a front row seat.

Lucy said...

Great pictures. It will be the only way I will see much country and I am glad it is an all expenses paid trip for me!! You 2 be careful and can't wait for the next stop.

Sheila said...

Thanks for letting us ride along in pictures. It is raining and thundering here. I am not complaining, we need it. I wish I could send some to Lucy, Paula and Shirl. Stay safe, Sheila
PS. What all does a 'Lobsta' roll have on it?

robert said...

Good morning,
the main impression I receive, is that there is so much space to travel, so many places to see.
As there is an ocean between my pc and your roads, I enjoy this log very much.
Have a save journey.

a corgi said...

I loved the bears on both sides of the motor home; so very nice traveling companions

great pictures! I saw that hill going into that city and I thought "oh that must not be fun to drive on when it is icy and snowy"

I bet you'll always remember that black bear and not having the camera ready to take its picture. But what a laugh it will bring as you remember it (hopefully a laugh)

enjoy your time, you two!