Thursday, July 16, 2009

Climbing Kinsman Mountain, FRanconia Notch, NH

Today we attacked Kinsman's Mountain. The day started off over cast. We chose an alternate AT route. The Lonesome lake Trail. It is designated by a yellow Blaze. (I have to put this picture together from two shots.)
Several hikers passed us climbing the first rise.

Thi is not a good picture. But it was the only opening I had of the highway below tha we had left earlier.

This was not going to be all fun and games since they have had a lot of rain. This is a Bog, at home we would call it swampy.

More water, but my girl is navigating it. Neither one of us fell in. This mess is about a foot deep with black soupy mud.

We reached Lonesome Lake, 3000' elevation, but we only climbed 1500 ft. Here is where we met the Appalachian Trail. The lake is prestine, the only way to get here is walk.

I am looking at the crystal clear water of the lake.

This was an area of small pines. looked like Shrubs along the trail.

There was lot of rock climbing today, this time I was ahead of my girl.

A good bit of the wet lands were boarded over. This is not for the hikers benefit. It is for the environment. To keep the bogs from being 'trailed'. But it sure does benefit the hiker in the long run. Keep in mind these boards are Very heavy. 4 x 10x 10ft long. Each one had to be carried all the way up the mountain by volunteers.

This is my attempt to capture the mountain to our south. But I was not successful.

My steady up there fighting the rocks and roots.

Another BOG on the AT, This time it is crossed using downed limbs and rocks. (I think I grabbed the wrong picture)

We had two very steep rock climbs and scrambles. Above is one

This is another. Notice I made every attempt to miss her butt. I love following THAT (girl).

This is the only example of trail architecture. Folks do this when they are taking a break. There are many instances of areas of stacked rocks. Usually hikers just leave them for others to enjoy, and they start accumulating. There was only two or three here.

One of the several water sources we passed. this was coming out of the rocks.

We had passed a group of boys backpacking. This group that passed was all girls. each one carrying a pretty big back pack. They were laughing and having fun.

Now friend Rain, finds VERY interesting trees. She talks to them and they to her. I never saw a face. Maybe the States don't have facial trees like Canada. LOL. But this one, well.... I had several ideas but I will not share them. Except that tree is trying to hatch a large egg. LOL.
I do have a facination the combination of trees and rocks. Years ago I used to think how strong the growth process of a tree must be. They can break rocks and crack cement, no matter what thickness. I used to give the tree all the credit for staying power. BUT I learned the Tree always loses in the end and the Rock wins. The tree dies, a rock is forever.
Thanks for coming this way to read this drivil.
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Shirl 72 said...

Looks dangerous to me. I want both of you to
be careful we are not young anymore. I have found that out in the last 6 months. Of course I am a few years older then you but not much. When we hurt our bodies it is for good. They never heal like they did when we were young.

Looks like you are having fun. I guess it is
a challenge. I am challenged walking down the
steps. HEE HEE


Melanie said...

stay safe you two...I'm a "worrier"


Anonymous said...

LOL, that was one thing that came to mind, another, maybe a Mae West Tree type of pose? GREAT PHOTO!!! Actually Sherry and Jack...I saw a face in the tree, the photo below the boarded bog! Up top to the left, the slanting eye, about half way down the photo, the nose and just below a sneaky smile, lol! Yes, they even talk to me through cyber space!!! I absolutely loved following your hike today! Ick on the bog...the mountain here is like that after a rainfall, not very pleasant! Just than name...Lonesome Lake...I want to be there!!! People do that here too, mostly leave piles of rocks! I'm still giggling over that X-Rated tree, lol!

Lucy said...

I agree with Shirl. That does look like it could be easy to slip and do some serious damage. I will say though that you 2 have got a lot of guts. The nice part of it is that we can sit safely in front of the computer and enjoy your trips and we let you 2 do all the work. Thank you for sharimg.

Paula said...

Hard for me to believe it is cool enough for those jackets. I'm glad Sherry didn't fall in that black stuff and get her pretty hair all messy.

a corgi said...

Lonesome Lake is gorgeous! I can't imagine how it looks in person; must be breath taking! okay, you two are both very brave to take on this adventure; some of those paths and passages you went through, wow! a lot of physical stamina I'm thinking!! Good for you both! just stay safe, like Melanie said


Terri said...

Oh goodness you two be careful rock climbing...just looking at how steep was enough to scare You both be brave souls :)

Amazing pics though...the lake is beautiful!

Enjoy the outdoors Jack and only live once and you both are making the most of it!

Love ya'll!
Hugs Terri