Friday, July 24, 2009

Headed for Zealand Falls

Sometimes, like this morning you do not want to crawl out of the sleeping bag. But youknow a great breakfast of prunes and raisens await you. So you get up in the mornings, slap your arms around yourself and stomp to get warm. You feel like you have hit a ROCK Wall like that one above.

But we started out and the trail wasn't too bad, this was a stretch we call a walk in the woods. Note the trail above. That is solid rock in the path. just like someone had paved it.

Here is some more of the tree lined trail, of solid rock. You can see a few wrinkles above. This is Zealand Ridge, we are walking.

The views are fantastic the camera is not acting right and doesn't pick up the distant mountains. BUT do you see the nice boulders pushed out of the way by some act of nature, great.

As we walk along on a realatively smooth trail, you can see boulders lurking behind the trees.

More boulders on the lower side. But I took this picture because of the moss. I think I remember somewhere in school that this is called reindeer antler moss (the white stuff).

You are looking at the usual trail, but not today. We are walking right beside it on a smooth trail that God has made by some amazing action.

More of the great views as we walk.

Doesn't these mountains form a beautiful valley.

WOW! what is this? This is one of Appalachian Mountain Club 'HUT' in conjunction with the USFS. This Hut actually sleeps 90 people and stays booked up most of the summer. The closest trail is 8 miles up a mountain. People pay $95 a night to stay here in a bunk. You get a pillow, blanket, bunk, supper and breakfast for that price. Everything you eat is carried on a volunteer's back up these mountains. No, we are not staying, but there are times when Sherry would do about anything for a cup of coffee. So for a three dollars, we got two cups of coffee and two fresh baked pieces of spice cake. Good Breakfast. The supplies are carried up on high, wooden back pack racks. They have one helicopter drop once a year with a years supply of flour, sugar etc.
They do furnish toilet paper for the composting toilets, but no napkins with a meal, you use your own handkerchief.

The HUT is called Zealand FAlls Hut. This is just outside the front door. A Solid rock bed for the Zealand creek. A beautiful water fall.

I leaped across the small section to get to the rocks on the other side (okay I didn't LEAP!).

Sherry admiring the fiew just outside the hut, before we start the heavy duty climb on up the mountain.

I am ready too, so let's find a campsite in a couple hours.

We found a great campsite as we started to climb Mt. Guyot (French prounciation.. Ghe-o). Now Rain could make something of thisgrowing form just outside our door. I called it a Peacock, Sherry a Dolphin.

From the front of the Tent towards our nice camp fire for the evening.

Here they are, the happy honeymoon couple with their mosquito netting up on our heads so I can get some unfiltered sugar.
Another good day, but tomorrow we look at Mt. Guyot seriously. It is a rugged climb.
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People love that human touch -- holding hands, a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back, or even a little real loving.
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Shirl 72 said...

You sure have taken some good pictures. Be
careful on the mountain. Food sounds yum--yum.
no coffee how terrible. You may not be awake.
Take care.


Lucy said...

Great pictures. I second Shirl's comment , please be careful on the mountain. You could not pay me to do what you 2 are doing but I am so glad that you both have the same passion for traveling.
Take care cause I am enjoying the trip.

Paula said...

If I was waking up to prunes and raisens for breakfast I would stay in the bag and hope for something better for lunch. Maybe a fresh fish to fry?

jean said...

I'm trying to catch up with you guys my husband was in the hospital in Dothan 5 days. Thank you all for the prayers he is doing much better. I'm enjoying the pictures. Take care, jean

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack and Sherry! Oh you're having such a great time, I'm jealous, or is that envious??? :) I love the photo of the mountains rolling...I took a photo like that recently and, like yours, it's like a painting isn't it? Beautiful! I'd say that entity looks like a headless tree carrying a backpack, ha ha ha! You two netheads look so cute by the fire!
Thanks for taking me along on your hike, can't wait for more!!!

a corgi said...

I liked reading about the hut for $95 a night and what that price got you (not much, but I'm sure better than camping on the trail). I don't think I could do much without my DAILY coffee, Sherry's a trooper if she goes a few days without it; its worth any price for it, in my opinion

beautiful views! I was telling my hubby about your adventures; he admires you both!


Lucy said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures. Thanks to you and Sherry for out anniversary wishes. I truly do not know how you do it.