Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Identity Theft!

Wiley Aaron Harris Senior. 1902-1985 July 27th would have been his 107th birthday.
This is Wiley with his three beautiful daughters (And one grand daughter looking up). I got the girl on the Right, the youngest and the prettiest.
This is Wiley in his later years with his collection of family pictures.

Here he is relaxing in Key West when he came dow to visit for a few weeks.

Above, his loving wife Susie, looking up admiringly.
Wiley left us, taken by cancer at the age of 83. RIP /Wiley......

Now today's exciting news.........l

Well, this has been an interesting day. It is hard to believe that we have so many file folders in our personal files. FIFTY. Today I have been going through and renewing the folders and discarding the OLD stuff. We do not keep records for too long. Bank records go back three months, etc. So I cleaned out a bunch. Lots of Insurance stuff from 2004-5.

Now my Little sister Shirl is a purveyor of shredding. I realize there are folks out there who want to steal my identity, but for the life of me I don’t know why, I have about used it up. They should want an Identity of someone 22-30 yrs old. A lot more years to use it. Hahahaha!

Anyway we do not have a shredder. Being very ingenious I made my own. IT is amazing how easy paper comes apart in water. Take a bucket. Put your life’s info in it and add water. Let it sit over night and stir vigorously in the morning. As I was doing this I thought how much a company would save if they had a mild solution of bleach and a 50 gal drum. After soaking use a drill with a paint stirrer attached and voila. No more documents. For the fun of it I made snow balls of ours. Now to the dumpster. Now let the ID thief look!

Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog
I was thinking about how people seem to read the Bible a whole lot more as they get older. Then, it dawned on me, they were cramming for their finals.

As for me, I'm just praying God grades on the curve.

Please enjoy your days and love your life, because life is a journey to be savored, every step of the way!!!!.


Anonymous said...

The youngest and the prettiest. You charmer. :-) No wonder you get the girl to follow you all round the woods.~Mary

Lucy said...

Neat pictures. I am like Shirl, I shred. I liked your final thought and not to bad, cramming for the final journey.

Sheila said...

I shred also, but the water and bucket is a good idea. I'll remember that if I ever need it... I hear Shirl has now hit the road with her junkyard car, she's having to tow it places, but she is selling those books like hotcakes. Before long she will be expanding her campground and installing coin slots on the electricity hook-ups, water, etc. She'll be rolling in dough...take care, Sheila

Paula said...

Your way of shredding sounds too messy for me but I'm always behind in that chore as my shredder only takes two papers at a time. I vote for the girl on the right too. I like her cute little outfit.

Lucy said...

Another repairman in the house. Gas range oven tried to blow me up but it didn't work. I was thinking of something I wanted to say to you besides that and would you believe it is absolutely gone??? Yeagh, you would,

a corgi said...

what sweet pictures with Sherry's family and dad!

Never thought to use water instead of our shredder; I'll have to try that some time

I love your advice about life; I'm thinking you are definitely following your own advice on this one :)

you both enjoy your day :)


Rose said...

Loved the photos. Thanks for sharing with us.

I'm sooooooo behind in shredding...years of stuff. I burnt out my last shredder! LOL

Your homemade shredder sounds real interesting!

Hugs, Rose

Anonymous said...

I really liked seeing those photos! I'm not a shredder, I'm a burner. Could be a WEEEEE bit paranoid, but I figure anyone who is really motivated only needs time and scotch tape with the shreddings! I was a victim of bank fraud in 2005, the culprits stole 1600.00 from my savings account and almost got to my then-retirement account. Thank goodness the banks are responsible because I did get my savings back, but since then...totally over-cautious!

I hope the muscles are healing well!

Lucy said...

Jack I just wanted to put your mind to rest the gas did not blow me away and it is all fixed.