Friday, July 17, 2009

Just one half nude Russian.

This is a granite wall, it indicates today's hike, straight up. We climbed 1500 ft. in a half of a mile.
This is a picture of me with my new look for the long hike. I thinned the beard down. Notice the T-shirt. DIL gave us these. They say I Hiked the AT on the back it says the GReat Smoky Mts. You will see it later on Sherry's T.

This is the sign. Kinsman's ridge means straight up to the Ridge.

It is hard to tell by this photo, but these boulders are practically straight up that Sherry has climbed.

I thought I had lost somethig so I picked up this tree, nah, not under there.

This is my model wife, watching me lift that monster tree.

This is the back of the T-shirts. There is a map of the AT and other notations.

Oh, we ran into two girls hiking the trail, they were called 'Two Shots' and 'Yogi'. On the trail,the term Yogi is used for folks who are asking for a handout, remember Yogi the Bear.

Today was cave day. Cave #1.

Sherry reading the map. She is good at that. I had gone to look for a Vista. Hard to find on this trail today.

Cave #2. Notice the at blaze going right beside it.

Couldn't pass up this spring slowing out from under a tree. It is hard to tell the water was so clear.

Finally a view, can't tell much but at least it was a view. mostly underbrush, rocks, boulders and trees today.

I couldn't pass this up. it is a low spot with much vegetation.

Cave #3. Now Caves excite me. I love them. BUT I am not a caver. I don't mind going in, after someone has explored and reported. WE went into a large cave in Arizona that was not commercialized, but had been explored, I liked that. But who knows whether mama Bear is in here or not.

Okay, Two hikers. College buddies from years gone by. Got together to hike the Presidentials. A chain of Mountains we are headed for. These guys are South Bound. They are not hiking the whole trail. The one on the left is a Russian (now a citizen of the USA) the one on the right is from Phila, Pennsylvania. The Russian still has a farm in the Baltic States.
WE had a great conversation. (Or Sherry did. and filled me in later)

Dig this balancing act across a bog.

Come on, What is the hold up? Says she.

Tight squeeze. Note I got the rocks too, not just her Butt.

I wanted this shot. She is on the trail. We are below the tree line still, but they are thick and small. In this area we met a young fellow from Montreal. He is was ahead of the pack, we will see him and the girls on the next hike in the wilderness.

Another view of the distant mountains. "Miles to go before we sleep."

Another vista. I love these Mts. You are seeing summer ski slopes.

This is the only campsite we saw all day. Big enough for one tent at least.

I know this is hard to see. I passed it up, but came back to shoot this picture. I was wondering what a cow was doing up here at this altitude in the forest. Then it hit me, 'dummy that is a moose track'. So I took a picture of it. I have been up here a lot and seen moose. but this is the first track. Does that look like Ice Cream to you?

For some reason these leaves struck me. They were beautiful in color.

This dummy on the computer, just deleted the last two pictures. I do not know how to put them back in this position so I am sorry. The pictures were of nude hikers. One Hunk of a man and an absolutely knock out lady (YOu can put your clothes back on Sherry). LOL
We will be gone from computers and human stuff for a few days. I am having problems with the camera, but I am sure we will get some pictures. There are no roads for the next few days so we will be out in the boon docks. See you in a week or so.l
We plan to hike Mt. Willey, Whitewall mt, Mt. guyot,Mt. Bond, South Twin Mt. (one of the tits)
Kt. Lafayette, Mt. Lincoln, Haystack Mt. and Mt. Liberty. This is known as the Peigewasset Wilderness. NO ROADS in this area, not even fire roads.
So we are out of touch for a few days. Take care, and say a prayer for Sherry's safety, she is getting up in years you know.
Thanks for coming this way.
NIte Shipslog
Some men never learn.......
A doctor examining a woman who had been rushed to the Emergency Room, took the husband aside, and said, 'I don't like the looks of your wife at all.'
'Me neither doc,' said the husband. 'But she's a great cook and really good with the kids.'


Sheila said...

If you don't stop running into people someone's going to get hurt. You and Sherry stay safe and take care and I will keep you both in my prayers. We'll miss you while you're gone. Sheila

Paula said...

I am amazed at how agile you two are. She can do a balancing act and you can lift a tree. I'm more inclined to believe she can do a balancing act. Have fun!

madcobug said...

Love those pictures. You two take care up there with all those wild moose and bear. May God watch over you at all times. Helen

Anonymous said...

I love the photos!!!! I'm with you on the caves, if someone wants to go in first and report back, I'll go in! The views are spectacular...and I didn't know you had incredible hulk powers lift trees like that, lol! You look thinner!!! Must have been some climb, we have the "Northern Staircase" here and I remember the size of those boulder "stairs"...good butt workout! Have a great hike, be safe!!! :)

Lucy said...

Wonderful pictures but I just have to sat this. I think you are both crazy and that gives you super strength. I do not like heiths so I think I will pass on being a mountain climber.

Shirl 72 said...

It all looks hard work to me. Please stay safe and be careful. Everybody said Hello from Home. You can help Vernon lift the trees out of the ground since he cannot climb them anymore.
Take care. Look forward for your return.


a corgi said...

okay, I thought the day before's hiking was hard, today's seemed even harder with all the obstacles you guys had to hike through. And Sherry looks so fresh and beautiful after hiking through that all; how does she do it?

What did Yogi want for her handout?? curious about that one

looking forward to hearing more after you have a chance to post when you can


Terri said...

LOL@ you lifting the tree up to find something you had lost...too funny!

Great pics..thanks for taking us along!

Be safe you two...

Love ya'll

robert said...

Good morning Jack,
returned from Vienna only to breath the fresh air your photography seems to have. What a wonderful journey you two must have. Concratulation also on your strength, lifting the tree (what a nice photography!).
As always would like to wish you always a safe road to travel, mountain to climb.
Please have a nice start into the new week.

anastacia said...

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