Thursday, July 23, 2009

Well after all my plans, the pictures did not go in in the order I wanted them. Here we are saying good by to our camp sight.
These are some boards over the bogs on the mountian Ridge. (WE must remember each board weighs over a hundred pounds, it takes two volunteers to carry one board up the mts. So we are glad for what we get, walking these are a breeze) So unfortunatedly they are not all bridged. If it is not the Bogs, it is rocks. Most of the time in rocks I don't have a chance to shoot pictures. Camera is giving me a fit also. Sometimes it just goes blank. We passed a guy who had a beautiful Husky (With blue eyes) wearing a pack. I took the pictures and they turned out BLACk.

This is where we are headed, the mountain we were about to attempt climbing part way up Whitehall Mt. and walking the Zealand ridge. We met the two girl hikers Double Shot and Yogi again. They were surprised as most hikers are to see us the second time. But the way we are hiking we pass them because we are walking South back to our car or Motor home. Then we will drive on ahead of them and start South again and run into them (If they are not too fast).

This is back at the camp site, an absolutely gorgeous mountain stream. and it is ours for the night.

WE took our p-nut butter cracker and water out on a rock and just sat and enjoyed the sound of the water.

Back over at the tent, the fire is going good and there are the packs, hung in the trees in black plastic bags (in case of rain). All Hikers know that when you are in Bear country your food must be out of reach.

From our water fall and we went back to the fire. I sat the camera up on the timer and rushed back to sit with my steady. So you thought some sneaky photog caught me sneaking a peek didn’t you? Just as the camera snapped one of the limbs popped a fire brand out into Sherry’s lap. That got our attention pretty quick.

WATER FALL! A beautiful clear mountain stream, twenty feet from our mountain house.

This being our mountain house. Packs and food still on the ground. When they go in the air, there are no more snacks for the night. This trip we are trying to eat only cold food. We had some p-nut better crackers and split a can of potted meat. The idea s to eliminate the weight of the stove and fuel.

This photo was supposed to be first. This is looking up from down in Crawford Notch. Inspite of fall I can do to cut down the wieght of the packs. I am still approaching 40 pounds and Sherry is approaching 28 lbs with water, maps and guide info.

This trip we met two men from England. One from Brighton one from Westminster, in the United Kingdom.
A guy from Hong Kong (Who is here visiting his parents and hit the trail for a few days)
And there was ‘Meanderthal’ from Bar Harbor, our second meeting.
Javelin, the second time, he is from Montreal. Javelin is in a hurry to get to Crawford Notch. His parents are meeting him there. Treating him to a motel food and a bath. Hahahah!
WE are finding this terrain to be VERY rugged, and we are having to readjust our approach to hiking, This area is nothing like the mountains up to now.
Thanks for coming by the Blog.
Nite Shipslog (this morning)
Four things WE can't recover:

The stone........after the throw. The word........after it's said.
The occasion.........after it's missed. The time.........after it's gone.


Lucy said...

You got some great pictures. I don't believe you that you were NOT indulging in a little hanky pank where you and Sherry were intent on her lap. Of course Sherry was innocent but she has this man that can not keep his hands off her. lol

Shirl 72 said...

Glad you are back into civilization and resting
for awhile. Be careful and remember 1939


a corgi said...

beautiful stream! actually all the pictures are just gorgeous!! that's a lot of weight to carry in your packs, but I can see how it would all add up with the tent and this and that. imagine what great shape you are in and will be in as you both continue to hike!! be safe on that mountain!


madcobug said...

Those are beautiful pictures of the stream and campsite. I hope those bears don't like cold goodies. Helen

Anonymous said...

Great pictures.I am a waterfall junkie. I spent most of my time in Yosemite by them, but I was pretty fascinated by El Capitan too. Bears really are good wood co-habitants if you don't lay food around or bug them. I'm sure you 2 know all the tricks by now.

Paula said...

I bet the husky was beautiful. Too bad the picture didn't turn out. Those boards look good and strudy to hike on and I would like to dip my toes into that clear water.

Debbie said...

It looks like you and Sherry are enjoying your travels. I'll admit you guys are tougher than I am, it makes my body hurt just to look at that rough terrain in your pictures. I did get a chuckle out of the pic of you lifting that big tree in your previous entry and I bet Sherry was ready to kick your butt for taking so many pics of hers, ha ha.

Love ya'll

PS: I tried to email you guys to thank you for the prayers for our family but the email to you and Sherry came back undeliverable and the one to Shirl said her email was blocked for abuse.

So, thanks for the prayers they are greatly appreciated.