Saturday, July 11, 2009

Greetings from Lebanon, Maine!

I had to get this pile of fire wood on film. This is half the number of stacks I saw up the road but did not have the camera ready. You ever split this much wood? Not me!
This is the road we were on coming in yesterday. Called Depot Road, one road after Swanp Road. Teh road is narrow and very tree lined.

This is a country Baptist Church near this RV Park. I wonder if they still ring the bell?

One of the many BIG country homes here, having the Barn attached to the house. Sherry did good but still could not get the whole house on one picture.

This is the name of our home for the week. DO NOT MISTAKE ADULT for XXX rated. I haven't seen a naked person yet!

This is the lane you see just after that sign. Beautiful tree lined drive.

One of the many Rock Walls in this area.

This is our home, we are nestled in the woods this week.

This is out treasures, three sets of ski poles.

Moochie is chained, as required in the park. I just hope the chain is big enough! HA!

Today's wanderings......

FROM the town of N. Lebanon, Maine. Population of a few hundred hardy souls. It is beautiful country, rolling hills, mostly wooded. It is amazing how many rock walls there are here. I love rock walls, just don’t know how they handled these boulders that weigh hundreds of pounds. I have one shot of a small wall.
The roads are so tree lined that our GPS lost satellite communications a lot of the time. We made it to the park, and it is beautiful, called potters place. This is absolutely an Adult park. The ads say children are not allowed to even visit. That may sound harsh to some, but many folks just want some peace and quiet. Most of these folks have had their share of crying, yelling and racing on bikes. Nothing wrong with that, we stay many places where there are hundreds of kids, this is actually the only place we have been where kids are absolutely NOT ALLOWED.
I guess the old ‘over weight, wrinkled men and women’ don’t have to feel self conscious around the pool. Hahahahaha!
We drove into Sanford looking for a diner, but ended up at a Brand new place for us: MC DONALDS! HAHAHAHA! Their coffee meets Sherry’s strict standards.
On the way back ‘home’ I saw a ‘Yard Sale’ sign. I whipped off the road. Pulling into a large fancy house the first thing I saw on the ground was exactly what we were looking for, Ski Poles ! Yep that is right Ski Poles. We use them for hiking poles. The lady drove a hard bargain, we got three sets for $3. WOW!. Now if you do not know specialty item for hiking are very expensive. If you name these poles, Hiking Poles, the price goes to over a hundred dollars a set, at an outfitters shop. So that was our last item.

The only thing we are waiting on now is notification of my hearing aid. It is supposed to be in Florida now, but isn’t. So we are in a holding pattern to have it delivered.
They do allow pets, but they must be chained and on leash, so we have Moochie chained. As you can see in the picture.
Thanks for coming by the log,
Nite Shipslog
Whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision and just because I have pains, I don't have to be one.

I try to make it a rule, every day I try to reach out and touch someone, today it is Sherry! Standby Babe!


Paula said...

Thank you Lord for keeping me warm without having to split wood. I didn't know you and Sherry had a dog. It sure is a cutie. Smart of you to use something less expensive for hiking poles. Good thinking and good price.

jean said...

Hi Jack and Sherry I love the picture's and what a beautiful country up that way. Thanks for sharing them with us. jean

a corgi said...

Koda and me split double that wood before the sun arose this morning (not); we hauled wood when we lived in Oregon, but never split it

I think its okay to have an adult only park; I love kids, but sometimes its just nice to enjoy peace and quiet



Anonymous said...

Split that much wood. I can definitely say no. I did break up some kindling for the bonfire on the beach once. That's it for me.

just because I have pains, I don't have to be one.
I try to live the above. ~Mary

Anonymous said...

I get tired after splitting 2 logs! LOL
I love the photos you take, I feel like I'm right there with you two! I think an adults only campground is a great idea! There aren't too many children in this area of the mountains and when a family stays for a weekend, it's very obvious! I have a pair of ski poles for hiking too! Got them at the Salvation Army for $5, they are amazing.

Lucy said...

Love your pictures and hope you enjoyed that lobster. I can not imagine splitting wood any more, but it rings right back to my childhood.

Sheila said...

We had a rock wall behind our house in Washington state. I miss it. That's alot of wood!! I love lobster too. Take care, Sheila

Terri said...

What a nice RV park!

Glad you got you some new hiking sticks for cheap!

Sorry I have been way behind...playing catch up :)