Friday, July 10, 2009

Traveling day, and what a day!

First thing this morning we got behind this beautiful car. We followed it for about 8 miles at 40mph. Now I don't mind tailing something like this.
I absolutely picked the wrong road, It was beautiful, but the hairpin turns were tight. Actually one we took up all the road and the small shoulder. I know there were47,000 90 degree turns. ha!

It costs $5.50 to cross the bridge over the Hudson on I-84, but we made it into Connecticut.

The clock tower in WAterbury Connecticut. Ever heard of the Waterbury? It was a dollar pocket watch. I think Timex bought them out or they became Timex.

We missed the Mass. State line, but this is Sturbridge, just inside the line I think.

And of course Boston to our right.

We stopped by Hahvd. Did not see TEddy nor President Obama.

We then went into New Hampshire.

This sign welcomed us.
But We missed Maine state line sign! . If you had been along you would have understood why. Sherry said go on up to US202, Nah, let's take 9 and go across this part of Maine. WHOA, right thru some town (too white knuckled to read the name) traffic jam and a right turn onto a small bridge in the middle of town. We made it without dragging the tow car against the rail.
I later found out later, that was just the beginning. Sherry asks what highway # is this. You don't want to know I said, the last I read was, 'North Swamp Road'. That was the truth. BUT WE ARE HERE! I do good short cuts!!!!!

Moving day. Now we are in the backwoods of Maine.
We had been parked for three weeks. During that time we have sent a hearing aid to Kansas to be repaired, had a computer crash, a spring broke in the front awning and a flat tire on the tow car (the van).
The Computer made a trip to Texas and back and is fixed. The spring was replaced by a local repairman and I plugged the tire. We were only able (due to rain) to make one trial hike on the trail to get our packs ready. SOOOOOOOO today I am making this entry from the back c ountry of Maine. I MEAN back country! Some roads were just big enough for the Motor Home.
Now we plan to hit it over to Nunans to get lobster. I have a list of places to eat in Mass, thankfully given to us by Rose, but the RV parks were full so we had to come on to Maine.
WE are in Lebanon, Maine. Hopefully we will have a mail call here to receive the repaired hearing aid, and I can quit saying huh, so much. WE both hope that.
WE are getting excited about being in the mountains. It is sort of a liability having our home with us. WE must find a place to park this huge animal while we are out on the trail. Also there is always a gamble parking the van on the side of the road for up to three weeks at a stretch. The problems we will have to overcome as we faced them.
Entries will be made as often as we can. This keeps our family up to date as to where we are. We have found that most clear mountain tops we can get cell reception. So we only turn on the cell phones to check the messages when we are high. (no jokes please). More on that later.

Just wanted to tell the Ships Log where we were. WE are in Lebanon, Maine. Just salivating for a lobster!!!!
Thanks for coming this way.
Nite Shipslog
Redneck Church
You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
in a congregation of 500
members, there are only seven last names in the
church directory.
You Know You're in a Redneck Church if ...
people think "rapture" is
what you get when you lift something too heavy.


Anonymous said...

Loved it! I'm so excited to hear more! I hope you have an amazing time and stay safe! Can't wait to see more picures! :)))

Shirl 72 said...

Glad you made it to Maine. The two of you are braver than me. Hope you enjoy your lobster.
Why don't the two of you take a hike. HEE HEE
Keep in touch.


Paula said...

I think its just great that we here in blog land can go with you and see what you see without leaving our homes. Thank you for taking the time to do this for us. Hi to Sherry.

Sonya said...

Today's post was interesting. And I laughed about the swamp road instead of a highway number. I love posts like adventure posts. lol
So you all be careful. George and I both have to repeat everything we say to each other but my doc says I hear just fine. So not sure why. I think we mumble and have other noises blocking the sounds. lol

Lucy said...

Jack you sound like a new person compared to the last few days. You and Sherry are in your element and happy. Thanks for the ride and the pictures. Also thanks for the comment. I will come to terms with my problems. After all it only lasts the months of July and December.

a corgi said...

I enjoyed following along with your travels to Lebanon; hope you enjoyed the lobster!