Thursday, August 13, 2015

A stop at Boot Hill (Dodge City) then into OK! The Bad adventure continues…

(As of the end yesterday in OK, we have been 2560 miles in the motor home and approx 600 in the FIT)

As we left the Rockies this was out view from the RV Park.


Lots of farm land as we headed toward Pueblo, Colorado.

100_3268 (2)100_3268

After Pueblo we headed EAST, we had reached our western limit.  I am a sucker for small towns


Out here in the Midwest many folk have good antique car hiding just crying to be restored. I spotted two more here, you barely can see them. But one is a late 40’s Stude. 

100_3280 (2)

I am also a sucker for trains and old houses.

100_3284 (2)100_3285 (2)

With the boys driving, we enjoy the sights.


Mark found the radio, Jack got it to working. I had told them there was NO RADIO in the coach. Yeah right!


A tractor in these vast fields, I am always amazed at the size of the farm lands in America.

100_3297 (2)100_3295 (2)

Sorry but here are more antique cars and trucks.


The Arkansas River (I think)

100_3305 (2)

The town of Holly, the last town in Colorado.

Then Saracuse, Kansas. Look at this fence. All junk cars, some classics.Then Saracuse, Kansas. Look at this fence. All junk cars, some classics.

100_3313 (2)100_3316100_3322

There was beautiful farm land and then there was the smell of manure Money. Cattle pens almost a half mile of them at one place.


And then to the modern tech world, These are really hard to see they are so big. The first pic is the blades of the BIG WIND turbines.  The second one is the Bodies that support them.

100_3327100_3328 (2)

Then more smell of money.


Next our tourist stop of the day:

100_3335 (2)

100_3342 (2) - Copy100_3343 - Copy100_3346 - Copy

And then the farm lands of Oklahoma. We were told by the owner of the RV park, they had no rain for the last 7 years, this year they are flooded. (There was a flood in Colorado Springs while we were there, but it did not affect us.)

100_3356 - Copy100_3360 - Copy100_3362 - Copy100_3363 - Copy100_3368

We over nighted in the Little Elm RV Park in Laverne, Oklahoma.

Nite Shipslog


The 1950’s Auto’s:



BlueRidge Boomer said...

Another Great Adventure...!!

betty said...

You have put on a lot of miles in a short period of time! It is nice you have other drivers too so you can enjoy the sights as you drive by! I always wonder with small towns how they survive sometimes and why at one time did people decide to build a town there.


Elizabeth said...

The only thing better than old houses and cars is old boats!

Paula said...

Y'all are really clicking on the miles. As Betty said so nice there are several drivers so you can take turns resting and viewing. Nice pictures as always.

Mevely317 said...

I, too, love small towns. It's sad, how many have fallen into neglect with the coming of modern interstate systems.

I'm thinking it's pretty amazing how quickly Sherry's vision returned so she might enjoy this panorama.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like spending the morning traveling along with you all. It must feel good to sit back and let the boys do the driving. Surely is a lot to see. I couldn't imagine being without rain for 7 years. I would think these folks are very thankful. Take care and safe travels !

Sheila Y said...

I am playing catchup again, we got back Thursday night around 9 from visiting the parents. You may know already but in Kansas, the Arkansas River and Arkansas City are pronounced Ar-Kansas not like we pronounce the state of Arkansas. One of the things I learned while living there. :-) we went to Dodge City once while there. I think it's about time for the weather to start cooling was hot in Bama! Take care, Sheila

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