Wednesday, August 5, 2015

To Kirksville, MO

(We are not consistent with pictures, We did not get a picture of two of Eileen’s beautiful girls. There was not a ‘runt’ in the Conrad litter, ALL ‘ten’ pretty and handsome)
We had the best time last night in Columbia, MO. Our Friends the Conrad’s, are spread all over the place but we knew Mama and a couple of them were still in Columbia. Thinking it may be too late to arrange a get together, Sherry called Juanelle to see if it could work, we were leaving St. Louis.  “Of course”.  She sent out an APB to the siblings, ONE could come!  So WE met Juanelle with her mom and had a great visit. Eileen is my sweetheart and in an assisted facility. The mother of 10 lovely children. Her ‘sweet Kenneth’ has passed on.  She sang for us, and we sang together. Eileen is the lady I have said many times could have sang in Carnegie hall.  Then to Chipotle with Juanelle to meet with Mary, another sweetie.  We had such a great time.  Mark stayed crashed at the motor home, ‘healing’ from the lack of sleep and his tour of St. Louis. 
Jack Jr went with us and we all had a great meal and fellowship.  This morning we left ‘Cottonwood RV Park’ and headed for Moberly, Missouri where I once pastored a church when I thought I was a preacher.  Both boys were little at the time, so they do not remember Moberly either.

Missouri like many mid west states have some beautiful crops (to a tourist, work for the farmer) We saw hundreds of acres of Corn and soy.
100_2625 (2)
Moberly 1
Then we arrived at Moberly, once a bustling Wabash RR town and a shopping place for the many farmers surrounding.
The house we where we lived ( A converted Chicken house) behind a frame church was no longer there, just grass.  Jack Jr, who could talk at the time,  loved to go to Candy Cane City. A small public park with swings and slides. Now it is a large city park with a lake and several war memorials.
Moberly  ab
Above they are with a dedication to Omar Bradley who attended Moberly High School. Omar was a credit to his area, because he was a brilliant General and he was known as “The G.I.’s General”.
Below a memorial to the ‘WAR DOGS’.
Moberly aa
They had fun driving around. Then it was time to head for Kirksville, MO. The town we lived in when Mark Discovered America, 53 years ago’
Nite Shipslog
This is in the RV Park we are staying..
AT first I thought a ‘39 Chevy from behind, but the grill area and hood sides did not work. Maybe a Dodge or Plymouth. I hope I get a chance to ask in the morning.


Paula said...

Nice that you have friends in most places you go and get to see them. Your home looks roomy even with those big boys lounging.

Lisa said...

OK Jack! You got me and Nick here racking our brains on what kind of car that is! There is not many he cant name but this one has us baffled. You HAVE to let me know as soon as you find out.

Have a great night

Mevely317 said...

That photo of you n' Eileen is precious! Those are the sorts of moments on which one can't put a price tag.

betty said...

How fun that you could meet up with friends and spend some time with them! It looks like a fun trip you guys are taking checking out places you previously lived or visited and reconnecting with what is there compared to what you remembered from before.


Sheila Y said...

I am enjoying 'traveling along' with you all. Hope everything goes smoothly on the trip. Take care, Sheila

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It sounds like a great trip so far. It is wonderful you could meet up with friends too. Let the good times keep rolling along.

Glenda said...

Mom looks so happy, glad you got to spend time with her and I heard y'all sang some of the old hymns! Nice pics of the statue and memorials in the Moberly park (the two traveling "soldiers" look happy). Hope you've rested up a bit in Kirksville, seen the changes since you lived there, and that you have a great day on the road!!!

Unknown said...

What a strange feeling it must be to see nothing but grass where you used live!
It's nice that there is still a park even though it's not Candy Cane City.

shirl72 said...

Glad you are having a good time and meeting up with some of your friends. Jack and Mark look to be enjoying good times. I will
be waiting to see what kind of cars they are, Cars always get our
attention. I guess you and Willie are singing "ON THE ROAD AGAIN".

Rick Watson said...

I love your travel log Jack.