Monday, August 17, 2015

Kids are cute but tough and smart.

I remember a TV program called ‘I Led Three Lives’. A take off of an American business man who infiltrated the American Communist Party. As Citizen, Communist and Counterspy the program kept you in suspense.

Looking back on my many ‘lives’ none were as rewarding as working with and teaching kids. That life was not just me, but involved Sherry managing the remotes and many times a musician.

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‘Hook a book’ in Key West, FL.

There is nothing like watching kids in front of an audience, I have enjoyed the little boys twisting and making faces, picking their nose or scratching (anywhere). The little girls swaying twisting a braid of hair or their skirt tails. Many doing that as they delivered their speeches or performed their parts. Any of them would at any point of a program spot their mama and wave.

Tricks, comedy and magic are kids favorite entertainment. Always before a ‘magic’ show I would ask the kids, do you believe in magic? Most will hold up their hands. Then I would say, “Today I am going to perform some magic, well since I am not actually a magic person, I am going to perform some tricks, it is your job to catch me, such as this, then out of my hand (sleeve, true) I pull a red scarf, then by slight of hand I slowly change the color. A magician cannot dwell on the last trick, he must start another or be laying it’s ground work.

I mentioned here before of a sweet little girl in Canada who nightly wanted me to  pull a dollar out of her ear, and I would refuse. But on the last night of camp, I did, and as sweet as could be she looked up at me and said, “Now pull five more.”

Once for a youth camp I built a robot, very simple one named Herman. I needed a voice, so a friend, Paul Collins, volunteered. I used a light beam to activate the recorder. When I broke the beam, Herman talked.The first group was seated, when I asked Herman how he was doing today?  He moved his head the antenna started turning and his eyes lite up and he said, “I’m doing very well, my antenna  needs a little oil, but I am good.” Before I could continue the conversation a kid in the back called out, “That is my daddy in there!” It was Paul’s youngest son. BUSTED!

I was always looking for something new to use. I have used carbide cannon, compressed air cars and planes and trick coloring books that would on command appear to color themselves.

My favorite was to call someone forward, then get them to make a chalk mark on an easel or chalk board.  From that mark I would make up a story and draw picture to match, starting from the mark. That was fun.

I have sorta pictured our lives starting from someone else’s mark and making our own story.

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The cars of 1953, I remember them well, I was a couple years from getting my driver’s license, these were looking good. Winking smile


betty said...

Your times of entertaining do sound like times you enjoyed, Jack. I love the girl's request for you to pull out five more quarters. Smart one she was. It is fun to watch little ones being entertained; at times they have such wonder on their faces.


shirl72 said...

When I think back we all had very interesting lives. We did things
that kept us busy doing what we like..I am ready to retire all my
volunteer work I'm tired. I am going to enjoy sitting back resting and watch others do the work....will let you know how this works.

Paula said...

Interesting post about your time working with kids. They can be so cute and fun as the little girl who wanted the dollar pulled out of her ear. She was a smart little one.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I watched that TV show. Interesting thought about leading 3 lives, which in most cases many of us have done. We've all worn different hats. Me a wife, a mother, an office worker, now a grandmother. My lives weren't quite as exciting as yours, but still all good.

Mevely317 said...

What a delightful post! I practically chortled out-loud about the little girl in Canada. Suppose she's sitting in a corner office on Wall Street today?

Your last sentence was awesome!

Glenda said...

Those"tricks" and training and kid jokes are some of my best childhood memories, I'll vouch for your entertainer skills anytime!!!

Sheila Y said...

Too bad the little boy called out your robot. When my little brother Shawn was about 2, we went to the Piggly Wiggly where my brother Terrie worked. He was dressed that day in the Mr. Pig suit, Shawn knew who it was immediately and he hadn't spoken a word...he recognized his shoes. :-) Hope you two are having a great day! Sheila