Tuesday, August 25, 2015

One never knows, does one?

You give birth to a child. Do your best to protect, nourish and teach the rules of life.  Kiss the ‘booboo’s”, bind the wounds and love them with your life. BUT you have no guarantee what the child will be when they reach maturity.


Have you ever thought of what the convicted rapist’s (murder’s, thief’s) parents are going thru?  Does the villain give thought to what this is going to do to mama?

Hitler had a mama.

Granted there are parents whose care of their kids mold them into a life of crime.  You can see it in siblings raised in terrible conditions, one pulls themself up by their boot strings, while the other follows the tide and the wrong peer selection.


Siblings raised by ‘God fearing’ parents that supply all the love they can muster, and one goes wild while the other goes on to benefit society.  If you are fortunate ALL your children reach maturity and buckle down and become good parents themselves.  What a thrill that must be to look at a group and with pride say, this is what I envisioned.


Now I am talking about what I know, I was raised in the USA, That is all I have known as far as families go. But my heart goes out to those parents who cannot give their kids ONE EARTHLY THING. My heart went out to the families, and the 300 girls who were taken by the militant Islamic group Boko Haram. That is hundreds of families HURT wondering what is happening to their daughters and they know ‘it isn’t pretty’. Some of the families were hurt to the depths, maybe some weren’t but Many were torn.


Do you think of the parents of that FOOL who killed those folk in the SC church?  I know they probably made many mistakes, but you can bet their lives will NEVER be the same.Neither will the families of the ones killed.

This Islamic Maniac in Chattanooga, I find it hard to sympathize with his parents,  they too made mistakes. I know they are hurting. I TRY to have sympathy for them, because of the ‘horror this religiously misguided fool has generated. FIVE young men he did not know are dead, Five families grieving over young men who may have faced death on foreign soil but survived to come home and be killed by a religious fool.


We face things now that our parents never faced, fools who can generate FEAR on the streets of the home of the free and the brave.


When something odd would happen,  my oldest brother would say, “One never knows, does one?”

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Elizabeth said...

Your brother was so right! I loved seeing that Desota. I remember my Mother talking about her and my Dad having one before I was born and it being her favorite car!

Paula said...

No, one never knows. I don't know if this was on National News but it is something hurting a Father despertly and there is no rhyme or reason for it. A week ago a young woman's body was stolen out of a back visitation room at a funeral home in San Antonio. A Father is hurting, the body still hasn't been found.

betty said...

I do wonder about parents who have children who commit horrendous crimes. Its got to be so hard for them, especially if they really tried to raise the kids right and something went wrong along the way in the child's brain that made them deviate another way. There certainly are no guarantees about much of life and the raising of children, but thankfully people still want to try and do the best they can to raise good kids.


Mevely317 said...

Like my parents before me, whenever I hear of some heinous act my thoughts and prayers go out to the parents. There's no rhyme or reason, is there?

Still, I like how you've tempered a sobering subject with these darling babies.