Sunday, August 23, 2015

Things you find out on the net

I sometimes just ‘cruise the net’. I have searched my name to see if I am a crook, etc. By Looking up my name I met a wonderful guy by the name of Jack Darnell who lives in Coker Creek, TN.  He is also a writer. Jack lives in a house with no electric or plumbing and types his manuscripts on a manual typewriter. We have visited twice.

I ran across an atta boy for our Son Jack (he never told us.)




Jack has been with DASH from the beginning. In fact, he started BEFORE the beginning, delivering some furniture to the company’s first office. Six or so months later, when Tim and Bob were ready, they brought Jack (and his cargo van) to DASH and he’s been here ever since. When Jack isn’t driving for DASH (and those moments are few and far between) he enjoys books on faith and personal growth, as well as SciFi movies which, he says, he tends to “binge” on NetFlix. He also enjoys classical music and, more than anything, is enjoying the time he can spend with his new, four month-old grandson, Jude.

Jack and Jude

(part) Jack and Jude

Before joining DASH, Jack operated what he calls a “roach coach,” known in more refined terms as a food truck. He claims to make the best sweet tea in the south, with “the diabetic, former customers to prove it.” What was Jack’s most challenging assignment? He, along with 10 or so other DASH employees, delivered several rolling doors, each 8 ft wide, 18 ft tall and 3 inches thick, to a residence in uptown Charlotte. It took, he said, a 24-ft straight truck and about ten other vehicles (cars, truck and vans) to transport the doors, the parts and the DASH drivers to the residence. The doors were then brought into the home and put in place… with, as Jack puts it, “just a few minor cuts and bruises and no loss of life!”

We are pleased to have Jack with us and look forward to many more years of working together.

end article…

It is always nice to see something about your family in a positive light. Jack is a dedicated worker with a work ethic that is some times too ‘driving.’

We just completed an adventure of 4000 miles of roads we traveled together in many areas when our sons were too young to remember. In their 50’s they are fun.

Nite Shipslog

PS:What the article failed to say was Jack also knows the business from the bottom up.  He has been used to open two new offices and get them profitable. However he does prefer to drive….


1959 Automobiles, Nothing fantastic, but still classics

59BuickMNY_2 - Copy1959_Mercury_Colony_Park_Country_Cruiser2 - Copy1959_Nash_Metropolitan_01_--_Shanghai_Automobile_Museum_2012-05-26 - Copy1959-dodge - Copy1959-fiat-1100-sedan-0 - Copy1959-Ford - Copy1959-lincoln-continental-mark-iv-313 - Copy1959PontiacBonneville - Copy1959-Saab-93 - Copy1959scimitarstationwagon_137816383 - Copycadillac-eldorado-biarritz-convertible-1959-07 - Copy2008-2-21_59StudeSHawkWeb-Large - CopyEdsel-Corsair-1959 - CopyMercury-Park-Lane-1959 - CopyRollsRoyceSilverCloud1_1959 - Copystudebaker-lark-1959-3 - Copystudebaker-pickup-1959-3 - Copy


Paula said...

It is interesting the things you can find out on the internet. Some true and some not. On Facebook I just saw where the wife of one of my cousins wished a happy birthday to John's niece. Had no idea they knew each other. Once I looked my name up to find out I was head of the Senior Center here. Not true and it upset me because it seemed I was lying about a position I never held. I was the Reporter. Have no idea how that got there.

betty said...

Jude is so adorable! Great article about your son Jack! Funny how you found it on the web though :) It does remind us about the web that there are both great and wonderful things about it and surprises like this about family and friends, but also it has been known to so the other side with tragedies etc. Glad this was a wonderful achievement for him!


Glenda said...

Thank you for sharing the article about Jack, Jr. What a nice write up, and well deserved! Mama always said "Apples don't fall far from the tree", you and Sherry deserve so much respect for the examples you've set for your kids. Congratulations to Jack for the kudos and yes Jude is a another Darnell cutie :)

Mevely317 said...

That's such a neat discovery!
Not from personal experience (*smile*), but I know what you mean when you speak of someone being 'too' driven. Hopefully, having Master Jude around will temper that drive a bit? He's one chunk of adorable-ness!

shirl72 said...

Good article and you are right Jack, Jr. is a worker and knows his
job. The 59 Dodge is like my first car mine was all white with black
fins only..I loved that car.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is wonderful to read about your son's accomplishments. Good news like that is worth sharing. Anytime I hear good news about any of mine, I know it makes me think I must have done something right raising them. I think you and Sherry did good too. Congrats to your son on a job well done. He is a wonderful reflection of the two of you !