Sunday, August 2, 2015

Just to say thanks


My Sherry asked me to thank everyone for the sweet concerned comments and prayers.  My girl reads all the comments.  She also reads the blogs but never comments, she is a lurker, albeit a pretty one.

We came home set up. Took some of the Grands and Stella out to the DAiry Queen.  Then stopped by Shirl’s farm. Every year my sister, who never lies, says I will not have a garden next year. BUT when spring comes, she conveniently forgets. We have lived in cotton country all our lives. She never picked cotton. (I did one year). So she has decided to raise cotton. 10-15 plants, along with grape tomatoes, real tomatoes, cantaloupes, watermelons, squash and for the first time, Egg plant.

We brought a full  treasure  chest home. Oh, she has another trick this year, she is hanging her cantaloupes.  Yep, I drove up and there they were, hanging cantaloupes.  One thing you can say, they won’t have that earth side, you know, the side to the ground as they grow.

Okay our next adventure is about to start.  The boys are ready and we are too. ready for a trip past the med west. I will try to keep you a breast of our trip.

BTW we had a great trip home in from SC. One slow 15-20 minutes because of a wreck. I hate wrecks, I always know someone’s day is ruined, even if there are no injuries. At least one of these cars will be a total. OUCH.


Traffic in my side mirror


Traffic ahead.


I pointed my camera to the right and clicked. I wanted to show the Congaree River, it is down due to drought conditions in NC & SC.

100_2572 (2)

Once past the wreck we switched from I-26 to I-77 which runs right beside Fort Jackson, at Columbia, SC.


South Carolina is a pretty state to drive in but there are a lot of hill in the Columbia area. Not high enough for switch backs, but steep to do straight up and down. However the greenery is nice to enjoy.


For us it was an uneventful trip (except the fuel stop, that is never a lot of fun,  Today it was 83 gallons of diesel at $2.40 and 8 gals of gas at $2.20.  South Carolina has the best fuel prices on the East Coast, me thinks.

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1947 Automobiles, about the time I really started looking at cars…



Elizabeth said...

Happy to hear y'all made it home safely! We had a Studebaker just like in the pic, when I was a little girl!

betty said...

Glad you two made it back home safely! And already getting ready for another adventure :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you made it home safely and that Sherry is doing so well. I do think those gas prices are low. I've seen 2.39 a gallon here and that is way better than it was. I can imagine you are excited to get off on your next adventure. Glad your boys are going too! I enjoy the travel pictures and am looking forward to more. Here I've just been staying in a lot and keeping cool.

Mevely317 said...

Goodness, I wish you'd send some of that 'cheap' gas this direction! Just yesterday the lowest I could find was $2.85.

The Dairy Queen sounds so good! I imagine Stella was mighty happy to see y'all again and show off her new play area.

Paula said...

Happy Sherry is doing well and you two are about ready to head out with the boys. I'm so happy I figured out how to get back here from Windows 10. Never again. I couldn't even get my e-mail.

Sheila Y said...

Glad you are back safe and sound and that Sherry is doing well. I agree, SC does have the best gas prices. Take care , Sheila