Friday, August 28, 2015

Friend Woody of NY, Often quotes: Some days are diamonds…….

Dear whom ever it may concern (or care),
I was so proud of my girl ordering the Refrigerator over the phone. Sure enough the truck arrived at a good time. The place was ready for the New refer.
Driver: There is a little problem, we have a scratch and very small dent in the door. The neighboring refrig door came open and hit yours. Want to look? (Of course not!) Yeah let’s see it. Dent enough to  make my girl happy(not).
Driver: We can adjust the price, maybe 5-10% or I can bring a new door.
Well, install the dude and let it be getting cold, then send out a door. Good deal, we are now underway again. The doors had to be removed to get this monster in. Actually our door is a narrow one.
Inside and set up. Water attached, doors on, plugged in lite inside comes on. Sherry listens to the lecture of care and feeding of new refer.
Big truck drives off. GREAT, up and running.  Now Reece will come home to new refer.
HOWEVER, Jack decides to purge the lines as suggested by a big sign. Run water 4 minutes……. ‘NO WATER’, sir/ma’am.  What? Well there is a light to turn on when you are getting  a drink at night, I Guess.  No light. Jack punches the buttons a couple times and SMOKE arises from the switches. Breaker kicks.  I said a bad word as the sickening scent of an electrical short enters my nose.
Sherry calls, manager, he says I will call the guys and have them come back out. WE sat around waiting an hour. No call no truck. So to Lowes we go to see the manager. That manager is off. As we explain the problem to Terri, new manager. I see the delivery guy in the distance. (He sees me, but doesn’t see me, you know, he entered a distant door) evidently he was not coming to our house..
“We do not have a replacement.” says manager.  What to do? “You will get a call within an hour.”
CAll comes. WE are trying to locate one. Will call you first thing in the AM.
Now Reece has been without a Refer for 2 days already. I ask you sir (ma’am) what would you suggest if they cannot find a replacement tomorrow?
Thanks for listening.
The guy who said a bad word, and is sorry, but still doesn’t have a refer….

Nite Shipslog
Some days are diamonds, Some days are stone……….

64 carmen ghia26227131e0cda558cba273d71ad5632fhppp-1207-03-o-%252B1964-pontiac-bonneville-
Sherry and I took one of these ‘64 Bonneville's to GITMO and left it there.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh no, not good at all. Hope they replace it soon. I like that quote about some days are diamonds...

betty said...

You would think they could get a replacement relatively soon from another store close by, but being the weekend, who knows? I hope it does get resolved soon though!


Paula said...

Yep your day was not a diamond. Hope they get it straightened out for you soon.

Mevely317 said...

Oh dear! That delivery driver sounds like a coward, acting like he didn't see y'all.

If this were Tom, he'd probably tell them to come pick it up and and refund my money ... then go across the street to HomeDepot! (Me, I'm too much of a coward.)

Back Porch Writer said...

Oh it's so aggrivating when things like that happen. You think they would be more careful the way they pack and unload those things. Anyway, hope you get it all squared away soon! Not many of us have cold cellars to store things in. Best get a cooler and some ice? lol
Ya'll have a great rest of the weekend.

Rick Watson said...

I felt your pain a few months ago. We got a new fridge and then in less than 5 weeks, it was toast.
The young manager heemed and haughed (are those words?).

Just so happens, I knew the owner and gave him a call. I had a new fridge on its way within the hour.

Big box stores are good for the most part, but they don't carry much stock.
I hope you get a new one soon.


salemslot9 said...

is Woody alright?