Sunday, August 9, 2015

Continuing the Bad adventure, Rushmore (Sturgis)

Okay plans change, the troops wanted to go by Rushmore and Crazyhorse Monuments this morning and take in Sturgis in the Afternoon (evening)

100_2880 (2) - Copy

Breakfast at ‘Connie’s’ in Black Hawk, our co-waiter (owner).


Just outside Connie’s a horse sculpt from bumpers.

100_2887 (2) - Copy

A view of the Black Hills (note the tag from Wisconsin I think ‘Sew Crzy’) Below entering Mt. Rushmore. Mt Rushmore is in the community of Keystone, SD.100_2894 (2) - Copy

Their first glimpse of Rushmore.

100_2896 - Copy

This is our fourth time here and the most crowded. This is the end of Biker Week.

100_2899 - Copy100_2900 - Copy100_2908100_2909100_2905

They seemed to enjoy the huge sculpture by  Gutzon Borglum Dedicated in 1927 by President Coolidge commencing 14 yrs of study and work (work was 6 yrs)

Originally it was to look like this


We had a little fun in the museum, Jack Jr climbing a rope and me scratching an itchy nose.


These casts below are about 8-10’ tall and used to measure and cut by Borglum.



On the walkway to view the monument are flags of all fifty states. WE are under North Carolina


I installed my sons on Mt. Rushmore, Mr. Borglum would not mine.

Now Crazy Horse Monument, The picture below was taken by me in 2004.


This picture was taken today.

100_2931 (2)

There must be something I do not understand, that was 11 years ago. I will admit this is from outside the gate. The boys were anxious to go to the REAL attraction of the Bad Lands, STURGIS BIKE WEEK.Winking smile (So we  could not see paying $28+ to drive closer and leave immediately.)

100_2965 - Copy100_2966 - Copy100_2974 (2) - Copy

Bikes, tents and Bikers everywhere.  We dropped the boys off and headed out of Sturgis.

100_2977 - Copy

Then the storm ascended as we were in traffic to get out of town,

100_2979 - Copy

But before we got back to our motor home, the road EAST looked like this.

100_2987 - Copy

We head for Colorado in the morning,

Nite Shipslog


I saw this beauty from a distance today:

100_2890 (2)

Some biker thought she was a beauty also.


betty said...

Not much work done in those 11 years at Crazy Horse. When we were there (1999) there wasn't a fee to get in (or that much of a fee.) Did enjoy your sons "immortalized" on Mount Rushmore along with the presidents :) First thing when I saw Sturgis I thought "motorcycles". Can be a bit crazy there indeed during bike week.


Cindi said...

Crazy horse looks the about same but a lil improvement since we were there in the late 1990's. Say hey to all my friends, family in CO, cant wait to see pics! Safe travels

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks once again for sharing so many wonderful pictures. I am enjoying your trip right along with you. Loved seeing pictures of you all having a good time.

shirl72 said...

Glad to see all the sights and showing what Jack and Mark are getting into. I was wondering about the weather. The news have been reporting that it is bad rain and storms. The horse sculpt from bumpers is very interesting. Well it is time for you to head back home.

Mevely317 said...

That's such a neat b/w picture of 'the boys' immortalized on Rushmore. (*giggle*)
... and that had to be a good feeling walking under each of our 50's state flags!

I don't know many (actually none) bikers, but I get the impression they're pretty patriotic, as a whole.