Monday, August 24, 2015

The changes that accompany progress


Friend Rick (Life 101) mentions deadlines at times. I signed up for a daily trivia question. I am very good at it, ha! Winking smile , my average is 64% I think.  Anyway one of the questions concerned Roman Numerals. CCIV I think. I believe my guess 214 and was right.


I was telling Sherry once of a deadline I had on a lesson plan. I started off with Roman numerals. That was great until I came up to the XX (#20) and up. It was a long lesson plan. Remember the typewriter? About XXIV ( # 24) I decided to go back and use correction tape and change to English. It is near impossible to place a sheet of paper exactly where the key strike is.  What a mess.  White out would have been a blessing. Actually never knowing ‘III’ was 3 would have been better.


                                        LXVIII is 68

I am sure Roman numerals are not taught in class. I even wonder if typing (and document rules) is covered.  I read the other day that cursive was no longer taught. Soon people will not be able to read some of our countries original documents.(smile) 


What about signing their names!  But I guess in today’s society it is not required. I signed some official papers the other day over the internet. Yeah there is a company with an APP for that! Wow my handwriting had improved drastically.


Changes, some of us old folk are finding it hard to adapt.  Do you realize we are having to adapt MORE than any other  group this age  (65-90+) since time began. It is mind boggling the changes seniors have faced.


I have a digital watch. It actually takes me a few minutes and written instructions to set it. Any of my grand kids can do it as fast as I used to adjust my Big Ben pocket watch (10 seconds tops).


Nite Shipslog


The 1960 Automobiles were nice.



betty said...

Hubby is selling the house and everything is being done electronically; all signatures done through the Internet. It is amazing what we can do with technology but also what we are losing with it, like not teaching cursive writing and also not teaching key things like Roman numerals, etc. Roman numerals are still used in some medical terminology.


Paula said...

The cartoon of someone trying to place a fast food order at the mail box is funny but true. I have to watch John and those speakers are hard to spot sometime.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I for one find all the changes going on a little disturbing at times. There are so many new things to learn these days it's impossible to keep up. I once read that a sign of a good teacher was one that taught students how to find information. I think that is aptly said as I can only imagine what a vast quantity of changes there will be for the younger generation.

Glenda said...

So very thankful for the option to "google it" as I'm often stymied with technology and even if I learn how to save a screen page or whatever -- if I "don't use it I lose it" -- meaning I have to do repetitions to retain. The early baby boomers are the least prepared for rapidly evolving technology, I find it frustrating but amazing that we can do in research seconds vs hours, the internet is gives us a world of opportunity. Like reading this blog, for example, it's awesome to connect virtually!!!

Mevely317 said...

It's good to realize I'm not the only one! Like Glenda says, I'm relying on "Doctor Google" more and more (vs. exercising my brain cells).
I was more than a little surprised to read about 'our' generation having to adapt to more change than in the history of Ever. :) That almost sounds like an admirable quality to add to a resume. ... jus' saying :)

PS -
BTW, friend Jon at Lone Wolf Concerto is stumped to identify a couple of his family's olden automobiles. Immediately I thought of you.