Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It’s Bad, Pike’s Peak , Called America’s Mountain

This was my third trip up and Sherry’s second. Jack Jr  checked the weather and the best weather for the PP trip was the day wed arrived. Sherry and I were going to take them to the COG train to ascend.(GO up, I used the word wrong one or two blogs back Sad smile.) Anyway we were on the road and Jack was checking the COG schedule, un oh, booked solid. Even though I am not dressed for it I said, “Drive up.” Cost is $40 a car trip is 38 miles round trip.  On top wind chill..31°.
The first lake and then a stop to take a picture of Big Foot.
We did not know what this little cabin was , it said proceed, but we would find out on the way down.
The switchbacks were tight and 10mph(or less)
Beautiful views no matter where you looked. Very few Guard rails.
We finally reached the top. Pike’s Peak is 14,115’, back in North Carolina our Mt. Mitchel is 6,684’. Now Pike's is not the highest peak in Colorado, there are 30 peaks higher. But  Pike’s Peak is the most well known, and near high population areas. 

Then we started down.
Above you can see more of the road looking down. Remember the little shack I did not know what it was? A ranger was there with a temp gauge. Good thing, the temp of our front pads was 600°.  His suggestion, pull over to the side for 30 minutes. WE did then it started sleeting, then snowing, then hail and rain. Very little of each, except rain, but it was apparent. We had already had some hail.
Mark out in the Wind at an overlook.
Yeah there were lots of spots where the snow was still hanging on from last year.
The rest of the trip down was beautiful also. I love rock formations.
Next, the Garden of the Gods
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Mevely317 said...

Those mountain peaks never fail to amaze me ... but good grief, I didn't realize the road to PP was so narrow and winding. That's a great idea about having a ranger checking everyone's brake pads. I'd have probably been standing on the invisible brake pads in the back seat all the way down - LOL.

Paula said...

No guard rails makes me really nervous. I wondered why you all had those jackets on. lol It's so hot here we try not to go out at all in the afternoon.

Glenda said...

WOW!!! Great pics, I took the train, y'all are BRAVE, awesome views!!!

betty said...

I remember the first time we drive up Pike's Peak. I was PETRIFIED with how close we got to the side of the road. I think I had my eyes closed a lot of the way up, LOL :) I definitely enjoyed the train ride up there much better. Great pictures of your time up there!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm thankful that it was you all taking the pictures and not me. Heights and I don't agree at all. It is beautiful but my tummy is doing a flip just looking down at how close you all were to the edge. Glad I did get to see it but wouldn't want to go there. Hope you all are having a great time !

Cindi said...

My home town...grew up looking at the Peak everyday... The Spgs had flooding the other day, hope you were safe. We love the Garden of the Gods...I might be a tad bias, but I think it's the most beautiful place on earth. thanks for sharing a piece of home!