Friday, August 7, 2015

Continuing Bad Boys Adventure to the Corn Palace, Mitchell, SD

Foreword: Sherry’s eyes are doing well (thanks to my eye drop applications, ability lol). (entry not proofed read at your own risk)

WE left Sioux Falls and headed West on I-90. Beautiful farm land views. This more cattle country so a lot of wheat and grazing land. I never tire of it.

100_2739100_2742 (2)100_2746

WE had a great stop at the Corn Palace. This years theme is ‘American Pride.

100_2756 (2)100_2760100_2764100_2766100_2767100_2769100_2770100_2768

Inside the sign said act corny, the boys had no problem


Neither did their parents.


The murals inside. and below Sherry bought one ear of corn and we all sampled it.


Keep in mind all these murals are created using different colors of corn and husks.

Every year they chose a different theme. This is our third time out. One of the times it was Lewis and Clark theme. I forgot the other


Leaving Mitchell, we were on our way to the Badlands when all of a sudden I see the oil pressure drop and a big red warning ‘STOP ENGINE’. Many things go thru your mind. Blown engine, threw a rod etc. There was oil over the tow vehicle. The problem was minor. Loose connection in the oil lines. I added a gal of oil, not enough. The boys drove back to Mitchell and got two more gallons.  Then we were back on the road to the Badlands.

100_2819 (2)100_2820 (2)

One Rancher had a sense of humor. Love the T-Rex being lead by a skeleton.


When we stopped for fuel and to check the oil Mark spied this Buck made from scrap metal, Scrappie. Mark considers himself a good scrapper.

100_2830 (2) 

Entering the Badlands.

100_2834 - Copy100_2836 - Copy100_2839 - Copy100_2840 - Copy100_2842 - Copy

Thirty five miles thru some very pretty land decorated and carved by erosion.


Then on to:100_2862


Here we are enjoying our 5¢ cup of coffee and it was really good. The carving below was inside. the two cowboys are carved from one cedar tree.


I ordered  wine for Sherry, just try to guess the one.  Of course it never showed up at the table.100_2859

Outside the porch is held up by these twisted trees. Very nice.


This  Cowboy flirted with my girl but she ignored him, probably because I was there.

Wall drug is a very sweet success story. Maybe if I can squeeze it in tomorrow when the boys go to Sturgis.  WE are now in the Black hills. Camped at the Three Flags RV Park in Black Hawk.  The boys are out and about to see the sights,

This was our ultimate destination, the Badlands and the Rapid City area.  We hope to take in most of the historical sights in the area before starting a return.

Thanks for hanging in. I took 100’s of pictures I tried to pick the ones to cover out trail.

Nite Shipslog


Saw these cars today:

100_2751 (2)

Above is a late 30’s Plymouth?

100_2752 (2)

A ‘49 Chevy, and below a beautiful  53’ Chevy p/u

100_2755 (2)


betty said...

I think you guys are having a lot of fun on this trip! Glad to hear Sherry's eyes are doing great!


~mel said...

What a corny post :)

Glad your boys are traveling with you ... making fine memories along the way.

Does your route have my neck of the woods on it??? You know where I'm at if you need a potty break and and a chocolate cake.

Love and Hugs and Safe Travels my friends!!

Glenda said...

Wonderful pics, very interesting country and those tourist "got to have a pic of this", especially enjoyed the skeleton and of course, the scrap metal. Looks like you're taking it all in stride. Glad your ominous "stop engine" situation was easily resolved, enjoy, be safe!

shirl72 said...

Enjoyable following along for the ride. Boys look like they are behaving and helping drive. I understand why they call it the Badlands.
See you when you return.
Love from Historic Town

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I loved seeing all your corny faces ! So glad your mishap with the oil happened before you got into those badlands. They look pretty desolate. And thankful you all reached your destination safely and hope you enjoy the sights. I'm looking forward to the pictures.

Mevely317 said...

Wow. That's frightening about your engine near-miss!
Some of my fav pictures of my parents were taken on their honeymoon in the Badlands. I don't know that we'll ever have an opportunity to get up there, so I appreciate seeing them through your lens.

Lovin' each n' every one of these pictures done good, Jack!

Paula said...

This is my favorite part of the trip. Well that is what you went for, huh? Nice corny pictures of all of you.

Rick Watson said...

Reading this made me want to cook up some cornpone :)

Sheila Y said...

Looks like a neat place to visit. Safe travels, Sheila