Saturday, August 1, 2015

Yesterday on the Road

(Today, SC then NC)

WE left out of Wildwood Florida after I applied the drops to my lady’s eyes. Hooked up the FIT for towing, said goodbye to the crew at Three Flags RV Resort and headed North. The one good thing about living in a Motor home, my girl was convalescing at home. About half of the trip she spent lying on the couch relaxing while I tried to keep the motor home between the ditches.

The drive is always interesting. Today I saw trucks from San Antonio, Wisconsin, Ohio and Lincoln Nebraska. Every city I relate to a blogger, wave at the driver and ask (knowing he doesn’t hear me) When is the last time you saw Paula? (or Dar, or Mel, or MA, or Lucy).  It is a game I play. 

Coming up US 301 thru the speed trap capitol of Florida around Lawtey I ran with a train, doing about the same speed.


I stopped at Exit 1 in Georgia (while singing Georgia on my mind, of course). I started the generator and we sat awhile and I made reservations at Point South, SC. I got some green tea and almonds to snack on, Sherry got a big glass of Ice & water along with her ‘cinnamon almonds’. I walked around the rig to check the tires, and tow vehicle, all was well and we headed up the road.


The Low Country of Georgia around Brunswick and Savannah is lush and green,  Marsh land with crooked rivers running in the green.

100_2558100_2559 (2)

I take pictures as I drive. None of them do I look at the camera nor viewfinder, I hold it up in the direction I want to shoot and hope for the best. I seldom take my eyes off the road, this rig weighs 26,000 pounds, and I don’t want to lose it.

About 2PM nearing South Carolina it got as dark as 8PM.


The rain started and traffic backed up. Some trees had fell into I-95, it appeared.


We dropped to 10-15mph at times in the heavy rain. Entering SC we noted the flags were still at half staff in honor/memory of the victims that were killed in a Charleston Church.


WE were blessed, the rain stopped before we reached Point South RV Resort.  We checked in with our friend Ruby, who is a fixture here now. She asked about my next book. She had here eyes done at St. Luke’s in Flordia also. She & Sherry chatted. Then we parked, I only hooked up the electric. Then the rains came, but by that time we were snug in our home.

Above my objections Sherry fixed ham, lettuce and tomato sandwiches and heated up my left over soup.

Nite Shipslog


Okay, cars after the war, many still had the 42 look, but the boxy look was gone forever. Plus we added a couple new models:


The new guys on the block, none lasted very long.


The Kaiser car of Kaiser and Frasier1946-Kaiser-Automobile-Photo-Poster-zc6284-GTLKZQ

Our first little bitty car, the Crosley


And the Tucker with the headlight in the center that turned with the steering wheel


I remember admiring the Tucker on Bill boards touting it’s revolutionary designs, it did not last as long as the two above.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I did enjoy the trip with you. Glad you made it safely in for the night. It is nice that Sherry can rest as you travel. As always I wish you safe travels.

betty said...

Looked like a nice ride you and Sherry had yesterday, except for the rain, but glad you got settled in before more came your way. I think it was a good sign that perhaps Sherry felt well enough to want to make dinner for you guys last night :)


Glenda said...

Great news that Sherry is doing well and to hear that you made it to your overnight destination ~ that storm photo looks like you were in for some rough weather. Hope the rest of your trip is clear and sunny!

Mevely317 said...

Thanks for letting us ride along, Jack!

It's been a good number of years, but I'm still sobered by the potential fury of southeast summer storms. Glad to know Sherry is up and about!

bonney knox said...

I like the sights along the trip (except for the heavy rain). I especially like riding along beside the train. It's clear that you really enjoy being on the road.

Paula said...

First let me say I'm so glad Sherry is doing well but I've been crying here in south Texas. I thought I was never going to read your blog again. I just had to have Windows 10 knowing full well what would happen. I have no idea how I finally found you and don't know if I ever will again or see Sherry's comments in Facebook. It was easy to download, took about an hour and a half but now I'm lost. You two take care until I see you again. lol

shirl72 said...

Glad you and Sherry are home and good to see you today. Hope you enjoy the things that came from the farm. Let me know if the watermelon is ripe. I wish you would have pick the hanging cantelope. Everybody thinks it is funny me growing all these things and being raised in the City. I love to see things grow I think it is fun to see them mature. Cotton doing well some of the cotton I grew last year is in a show case at Historic House.

Rick Watson said...

I take those pictures too. Many of them get deleted but occasionally there is one that passes the test. I've never been to Savannah, but I've always wanted to go.
Good post Jack. Y'all travel safe.