Sunday, August 30, 2015

Some humans tend to want others to make the decision, so they will have someone to blame.


Be careful to whom you give advice, they may take it and wish you had not given it.

Hind sight is great, and if you give someone room they will tell you what you SHOULD have done. (Hey, I know that now! believe it of not, and didn’t need to be reminded.) Ha!  When most of us make the wrong decision, we kick ourselves enough, no one else needs to. Winking smile


Instead of buying a new refrig when the temp went up in the old frig, I THOUGHT, I could fix it, and it looked like I had, then something else failed. Now I have a new $72 part, that is of no use, and I am still waiting for a delivery on Sunday, of all days.  Did you know they would deliver on Sunday?  I didn’t.


Hopefully this saga will end with smiles when the new BIG refer is humming and making ice; your choice, cubes or crushed.


New and clean to boot.


You make the decisions in life and live with the results.  You hope of course that each one is a wise one.  (sometimes they are not!)


(But it never hurts to sleep on it.)

Nite Shipslog

PS: The Refrigerator is in place and running before 10 this morning. A very good crew delivered and set it up in record time. WE B happy.


1965 was a good year, I liked most of them.

The Rambler was a good car, what happened?


These were neat small trucks.



betty said...

Glad to hear that the new fridge is up and running :) Took a little bit extra time, but worth it in the end! We all do make mistakes, it is good though if we can learn from them and not repeat them in the future :)


Glenda said...
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Glenda said...

Great that you've got that fridge situation resolved, tried your patience :( Yep, I've made many mistakes over time and lived to regret being impetuous, older ain't always wiser!

Mevely317 said...

Whew ... that had to be tense for a while there!
What's that saying about experience being a great teacher, but she sure sends high bills! (...or something like that.)

Rambler? I was SO disappointed when the 'big surprise' my parents brought home in '66 was a bright red RAMBLER station wagon. 'Figured I was doomed to be the laughing stock of LAHS for the rest of my natural life!

bonney knox said...

Maybe you can sell your almost-new part on Craigslist.

The picture of the Ford Econoline pick-up reminds me of the family vehicle we had when I was a kid. It was a green Ford van (and I believe it was a '65). The headlights had the same shape as the Econoline pick-up. It served as Dad's service vehicle for transporting TV's to repair as well as the family "bus." In the afternoons we listened for that van to gear down coming down the hill--Daddy was coming home! When it was time to go somewhere as a family, Daddy would say, "Hop in the bus!"

Great that you got the new refrigerator in. It shouldn't have to be such a hassle, but sometimes that's how life is.

Paula said...

I didn't know anyone delivers on Sunday but glad you've got it and it's running.

Rick Watson said...

I'm glad that issue is resolved. Being without refrigeration is a real pain. This I know from experience.
When I looked at the cars this time I saw that the 65 Chevy Impala SS is like one I had except mine was fire engine red.
I LOVED that beast.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Since I had refrigerator woes myself this past year, I can relate to yours. After 4 repair service visits mine finally got fixed, but had I known I'd spend over 300.00 on it, I would have bought a new one to begin with. Mine has an ice and a water dispenser on the door. The water quit working, but I still get ice. Everything else is working fine so I refuse to call for repairs. Next time I will buy new. Glad to hear that you have one that is working there. Hoping it stays that way a long long time.