Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Problem with Life is

Living long enough to see a beautiful child, one of the best, throw their life away on booze and drugs. Seeing kids with the ‘obvious’ ability to be scientists and engineers, learn about parties, booze and the curse of today’s world, DRUGS.


One kid I cared for, spent most of his life in prison and died ‘out & straight’ at 43.  He was a talented Artist, I still have a pencil drawing he sent me once from prison.

And then there was the kid that came to visit, and the first night he met Sherry and I, climbed right in bed and hugged us like he had known us all his 4 or 5 years of life. His manners and honesty were amazing. His vocabulary was years past his age. From the first  I knew this kid was going to be somebody, an asset to society. Along with his super little brother, we had fun together, played, camped, went to the county fair and joked a lot. BUT they moved. Over the years he and his younger brother would come and stay with us in the summer from out west.


Everyone who met the boys were impressed with their personalities and ability.  Both boys had a future, there were few limits.


Both boys, raised in the same atmosphere. The eldest got lost somewhere. He corresponded regularly with me from prison. He was going to straighten out. The youngest is a cool dude, good guy and working on his life.

My heart breaks when I cannot find the eldest to send BD and Christmas presents. He has parents who care and Grandparents that thought the sun rose and set in him. He is now headed toward 40 yrs of age, and the sun is setting on a time to turn a life around.

BUT while the 4 or 5 people that I have watched ruin great possibilities, I have been privileged to see more than that put things together, under tough circumstances. We have grandkids of which we are so proud; who themselves unfortunately have suffered the heart aches of broken homes, but are competing in life. Some completing educations but   fitting in society and adding to America’s value.


I believe in averages. I think I am average and that being so, means that YOU have more than likely experienced the same disappointments in humans. Watching family and/or neighbors.


 In life I am reminded of the movie, The Good the Bad and the Ugly.  That is life, when you must, accept it, but for yourself, love it.



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I have known families that have not been touched by booze & drugs, they are extremely blessed.

PS 2.  I may be gone for a day or two, I am shopping for a Cochlear Implant. Winking smile 


On to the 1956 cars. This year the Hawk was my pick.


Lisa said...

This is good. And you are right on.

keep prayin

Elizabeth said...

Yes, you are so right!

betty said...

Hoping you can get a cochlear implant Jack!! I think you will definitely enjoy hearing again! It is interesting in a family how kids who are raised the same can turn out so differently and follow different paths in life, some destructive, some constructive. Why some turn to drugs and others don't, I don't know either. Good though to see positive results though, especially in family members!


shirl72 said...

I will be thinking about you tomorrow and hoping to hear some
good new upon your return. I am getting things ready for the Church
yard sale. I am not going to sale I told Audrea I would donate and
they could sale them and keep the money for the Ladies Circle.
I am saying a prayer tonight about your appointment.

Paula said...

I feel so sad for the parents who have gone through such bad times. I know we were blessed. However we have had some sad times after divorces. I don't talk about it much.

Mevely317 said...

Thanks for writing about this (often) hush-hushed subject, Jack. There exists such heartache among so many souls; I think your little post-it note sums it perfectly.

Definitely, you're in our prayers in the coming days ... anticipating a great outcome!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I believe that it is never too late to turn your life around. Each day is a new beginning. We always have choices to make and why some make the choices they do, we'll never know. I will be praying too that your shopping trip proves successful.

Glenda said...

This post is a heart breaker, it IS so sad, and the only one who can change things is the individual. So hopeful for a positive for your hearing, hugs.

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